Half Price on Waitrose Fresh Figs! :D £1.99 for 6

Half Price on Waitrose Fresh Figs! :D £1.99 for 6

Found 6th Oct 2009
My favourite fruit of all time is half price at Waitrose. Both on and off-line!

What's more, normally these are 4 figs for £3.99.... But at the mo its £1.99 for 6!!

And they are super juicy fresh as well - Heaven

Grab them while they last.

(Not sure when it expires though )
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That's an interesting choice for 'Favourite fuit of all time'.
I'd probably go with Strawberries.
There's nothing like walking in the countryside in Greece and buying figs from the farmer standing on the side of the rural road, best taste ever!
Cold - tescos doing 4 fresh figs for £1

Sorry - edit - Tesco doing 6 for £1 so both Asda and Witrose are super cold.


Cold - tescos doing 4 fresh figs for £1

ASDA are doing the same as that too - 4 for £1 :-)

Lidl were doing 15p each the other week.....
Absolute rip off, 6 for £1 on the market!
To be fair, I have tried both the Waitrose figs and the Tesco figs on these deals and you are looking at 2 completely different standards of fig. For a start, the waitrose ones are about twice the size of the Tesco ones and are of a much better quality.
Yes, Ompy is correct.

If you buy Figs from Asda and tesco they are usually fruit that have been picked too early and arnt fully ripened or not ripe at all...

I usually buy from Waitrose as there are no local farmers that produce them where I live and I have always found that they are as good as buying in season at the source
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