Half Price Sale on Toys, Confectionery and Decorations @ Wilko - Started today!!

Half Price Sale on Toys, Confectionery and Decorations @ Wilko - Started today!!

Found 24th Dec 2010
Been to my local store this morning, as I got there they were just putting up signs for a half price sale, all their Christmas Decorations, trees etc were half price, a lot of the biscuits and sweets were half price (from Christmas range only) and ALL toys were half price!! Very annoying having already bought a lot of it but there we go

Only thing I did get was Toy Story 3 Figures which worked out at £4.10 each... but like I say all toys were half price.

For all you last minute shoppers this is ideal. Hope you find a bargain


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Also might be worth mentioning, not everything is stickered but every shelf edge had the usual 'work it out yourself' prices and said everything on this display half price

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Why cold???


Why cold???

People are probably hanging out for their 75% reductions.

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Yeh they might be but a lot of their toys are already half price so half price again is already cheap, maybe not for everyone but for people who leave everything til last minute

I wouldnt think 75% will be until after the big day.
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ALL toys? Including games for xbox?

(i know toy may not = game)
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No consoles games weren't included but normally my store (only small) doesn't have games but they had 3 shelves full

OK Ta.

thanks, was in wilkos earlier and got a peppa pig set reduced from £40 to £25 and then half price.,... so £12.50. Bargain. Have stuck it in the loft for my little girls birthday as think she has enough for xmas.

Thanks for this great deal! It has been featured over on the HUKD blog ]Playpennies!


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