Half price Sky accessories @ Sky - Themed sky remotes from £12.49.

Half price Sky accessories @ Sky - Themed sky remotes from £12.49.

Found 26th May 2016
Half price Sky accessories using code HALFPRICE at checkout. Themed sky remotes from £12.49.

- steve543

Code Valid until 6 th June
- steve543
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It also works on all sky accessories.
Don't need but heated!
Just bought one through quidco, there is a flat £1.80 cashback rate through the sky accessories shop, which if received would take it down to £10.69 so great price for an authentic HD sky remote.
£2 for a spare now tv remote to go with all the recent cheap boxes
Aaarg! Forgot quidco. I'm not worthy of my nice new Stormtrooper remote:(

Aaarg! Forgot quidco. I'm not worthy of my nice new Stormtrooper remote:(

I find your lack of cashback disturbing.
I never do cashback it's so long

I never do cashback it's so long

2 grand in a few years says its worth it
Bleeding Jedi mind trick, I've no need but bought one anyway!!! Cheers OP.

I never do cashback it's so long

​Yeah. 2 extra clicks of the mouse. Hard work

2 grand in a few years says its worth it



through cash back sites like quidco, buying stuff you would over the years, and the likes of car, home insurance, other specials like cash back on credit cards. it all adds up, for a few clicks its simple to do and why not, its either free or a fiver a year.
Thanks op just ordered the stormtrooper one
Just got an I/o link for £3.20. Bargain, thanks.

I also have made over £2k from Quidco and Topcashback, highly recommended. You just have to remember to do it for EVERYTHING!
Worth noting that these are the latest "version 9" remotes which is what you might need to link them up to newer TVs. I bought one of these when last on offer and only realised the remotes have different versions when trying to link my existing sky remote to my new LG TV (which didn't work). Heat
Must Resist
Yoda OOS. Gutted!


Just click through quidco/topcashback for anything you were going to buy anyway. I don't buy that much really but still over the past couple years have got £250 for clicking my mouse a few extra times.


Mines up to over 3k, I really don't understand people who say an extra click is too much hassle.

There is even a chrome add on now which tells you in you are on a site that they are affiliated with.
I'm up to £600 in just over a year well worth the effort.
Didn't need but couldn't resist the storm trooper remote, bargain with quidco, Hot!
hot, many thanks
Thanks, ordered Stormtrooper too
The amount Sky charge for their TV service they can afford to give things away ...

Really wanted C3PO
Ordered the Frozen Elsa one thank you
Thanks for this. My remotes been on the way out. The force was not strong.
Thank you OP heat added, just got a remote and wireless booster.
On renewal, got given £19.99 credit on my account to order a new remote since they couldn't give me a free one through their system. Glad I waited to see this post. Saved me a tenner! Heat added.
Regarding Quidco, it says:

"Cashback will not be paid in conjunction with any other offer, voucher or discount code unless listed on this page, or with any other discounts such as staff or student discounts"

May not work.
Ordered thank you! Heat added.
Would've had C3PO or R2D2 but alas, everyone else buying them saved my cash!!
Heat from me (£1k cash back and I don't use it all the time)
wow a sky deal touching the SKY
Hot OP Thanks
Hot! Thanks OP, ordered the Luke Skywalker as it looks the most retro
Bought a spare standard remote. I know you can buy the standard sky+HD remote for less than a tenner on eBay but there are so many fake dodgy remotes on there, so hot from me!
Ordered and heat added. Thanks OP!
thanks op, ordered darth vader remote, Mrs gonna hate it!
Unbelievable, took me so long to find a sly moment to order at work that I rushed and forgot to enter the code - muppet!
I really wanted the NUFC remote, not my team, but looked really good - went for one of the stormtroopers.
Hot deal!
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