Half-price Summer Toys and Games at Morrisons

Half-price Summer Toys and Games at Morrisons

Found 18th Jun 2009Made hot 7th Jul 2009
Was doing some shopping today and noticed that the majority of the toys and games in the Summer aisle were half price. The Summer holidays haven't even started yet!

Swingball, tennis and cricket sets, balls were just some of the things on offer.

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yeah I saw these my son bought a build and wind up plane 1/2 price and a rocket ball 1/2 price

How much for Swing-ball?

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How much for Swing-ball?

It was £10. One of those you fill with water tough, instead of knocking it into the ground.

We got Swingball today for £10 in our local Morrisons. Nearly bought one a few weeks back when they were £20 so feeling very pleased

heat added - got a swingball thx

This offer finished yesterday in my local store
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