Half Price Sunglasses & Prescription Sunglasses @ Boots

Half Price Sunglasses & Prescription Sunglasses @ Boots

Found 31st Mar 2011
today i bought something from boots and got a till printed voucher(so i presume nationwide) for half price sunglasses including prescription ,only includes single vision lenses(what ever they are) but upgrades can be paid for, can be used in boots or dolland and aitchinson valid until may 3rd instore only.
i dont wear glasses and have never worn sunglasses so dont know if this is a good deal hope it comes in handy for some one
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how much did u spend? just wondering how much u have to spend to get a voucher x
Not much just over £6
thanks xx
do you think if I use mine to buy some sunglasses I will get another receipt with the offer on. my friend wants some as well and we only have 1 receipt
are they still printing the vouchers when you spend over £6?
Need some sunglasses and will stock up on other stuff if it means I can get 50% off
I popped into Boots today to buy some shades for my wife. They weren't giving out any more of these offers & when I asked I was told they're now doing a skincare offer. I could really use a voucher, does anyone have one they don't plan on using? I'd happily pay for postage if someone sent it me. Please help!
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