Half Price TENS Machines now from just £14.99 @ Lloyds Pharmacy

Half Price TENS Machines now from just £14.99 @ Lloyds Pharmacy

Found 19th Nov 2009
Lloyds Pharmacy have a selection of their TENS Machines now half price. Prices now start at £19.99 , but you can get an extra £5 Off any Tens machine usiing discount code: JWTEN

* Dual Channel TENS Machine - (was £39.99) Now £19.99 - £14.99 using code
* Heated TENS Machine + half price replacement pads - (was £71.99) Now £35.98 - £30.98 using code
* Dual Channel TENS Machine + half price replacement pads - (was £47.99) Now £23.98 - £18.98 using code.

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£18.94 with postage unless there is a free postage voucher?
Tried one of these when Id had an operation on my lower spine never ever again!! this was on the advice from the physio department at my local hospital. The pain was bad enough from the healing and when I put the TENS on I was on the ceiling so from my experience be careful before using it. I had some nerve damage and this increased the pain. I am not gonna vote as it is a good price and will help a lot of people.
Not worth the effort of trying to tell people how pathetic these things are, just recommend you search the old threads here (MANY!) and NEVER buy one FIRST as you can get them on FREE loan from Physios and GPs even within the NHS.

Now the fan-boy types & the Lloyds Chemist shareholders will come out of he woodwork and say how they are far better than the Divine intervention of a miracle cure on a trip to Lourdes at much less cost and will even reduce the pain of all that praying on the knees too :-(

Besides, this is a price RISE.... Whatever happened to the £9.99 they have been advertising on TV for months until recently?
My wife used one in early stages of labour and it worked for her!
Might grab one of these for the missus, cheers.
I've got a similar product here for sale, guaranteed to be just as effective as this.

It's oil made from a snake. Oh, wait, that's the same as this product!!!!
Hi, Just thought it's worth mentioning that this TENS machine is not suitable for pregnancy or labour... still a good price though.

"NOT FOR USE DURING PREGNANCY OR LABOUR. Not suitable for people with pacemakers or other implanted medical devices, or for people with heart rhythm problems. Cancer patients, people with epilepsy or diabetes should consult their doctor or Lloyd's pharmacist before use. Not suitable for children under 16 years of age. Please refer to user manual for additional warnings and cautions."
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