HALF PRICE -Thermal Energy Saving Kettle now £24.98

HALF PRICE -Thermal Energy Saving Kettle now £24.98

Found 14th Apr 2008
Great quality kettle at half price plus the £5 voucher if you havent used yet .but also think how much it will SAVE IN ELECTRICITY BILLS over the years. A chance to reduce your carbon footprint!!
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Just a warning:
I bought one of these about 1 month ago but ended up sending it back. It didn't develop any faults but after using it for a few days it began to smell and ended up tainting the water so much that it was repulsive to drink. Was so disgusted that i got a refund and not a replacement.
Great idea tho, shame it didn't work for me

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Most retailers are selling this at £45 plus, but amazon also selling at a reduced price of £24.99, so i guess you have a choice!! quidco is available too.

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I've had mine for about 3 months now and i know you need to boil it a few times before using the water so fingers cross it remains ok, but there is a good warranty with it!

I would never buy another Russel Hobbs kettle after having one of the potentially lethal ones with the glued on handle that was recalled.

I can't see the point of this kettle either, we have a glass kettle that we fill to the level required and only heat the exact amount of water needed. I wouldn't want to have hot water sitting around. I would rather draw what was needed fresh from the tap and heat it as required.
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