HALF PRICE Train track table set £124.99 at Toys R Us

HALF PRICE Train track table set £124.99 at Toys R Us

Found 2nd Aug 2014
As well as a lot of other things on sale at Toys R Us this 'Mountain Rock' Train track set is now only £124.99 instead of £249.99 which is an amazing price as I've been looking round for my son for his birthday. Massive when assembled too because a friend of mine has one for her little boy. Very pleased with this.

Mountain Rock Train Table

This Mountain Rock Train Table will keep the little ones entertained for hours! Includes 100+ pieces such as cars, trucks, people and more.

There are over 7 metres of track and all manner of stations, tunnels and bridges. This train table also features electronic lights and sounds to entertain!

Includes a large drawer for storage and converts to a playtable.

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Don't see why this is cold....This is an expensive set granted, but if your little one likes trains and you want a hardy set, this is the one to buy....come on guys, we are voting on the deal not our choice of products.
Tesco similar was £40 with code - leaving £80 ish to buy the extra bits this has.
I bought last week
Insanely expensive at £125. Sorry OP. Shop around.
I am sure my children would have loved this a few years ago but even at half price it is still expensive. Surely there are cheaper alternatives.
I bought this for my little man he loves it I paid full price. Defo woth the money
Agree with Petenharry. Buy similar from Tesco's for £40 after code. Not as many pieces but you can buy an extra 60 pieces from them for £12. The kids won't notice the difference but your wallet will :-)
We have this set and friends have others, imo you get what you pay for! Some of the cheaper ones are really not very good quality or value for money. If your kids play with it a lot go for this one, if they don't, buy a cheaper one.
I bought this for my son at half price for Christmas and it's an amazing train set he plays with it for hours, definitely worth the money and every strong too. First thing he lays with in the mornings! It's hot for me!

Insanely expensive at £125. Sorry OP. Shop around.

I did shop around. This is the best train track set for what we want and at the cheapest price we could find. The fact it is half price is what I was highlighting. Sorry if the set did not appeal to you all.
Plus the Only ones in Tesco are just a set of tracks, this has all kinds, it has lights and sounds, a bridge, a mountain, it's on a table.... It has a storage drawer for extra pieces. Little wooden people etc.... It's a huge set. I don't think you can get this set for cheaper elsewhere, I've looked. Please post link if you find differently, I'll gladly take it back lol.
can someone direct me to the same as this but cheaper please
Love my little man would go mad for this, only wish I had the room but heat added
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