Half Price Waitrose Xmas Party Food - 17th-23rd Nov 10 only!

Half Price Waitrose Xmas Party Food - 17th-23rd Nov 10 only!

Found 17th Nov 2010
Waitrose have today launched their chilled Xmas Party Food nibbles although 99% of it is good to freeze for Xmas.

They did this last year when they launched it for 1 week only. We stocked up then and boy was it good. You really can tell the difference from others.

Went into today and brought a few bits including Haddock and Leek nibbles (£1.99), Smoked salmon parcels (£1.99) and Apple and Pork Pinches (£1.99) Will be stocking up again before it expires on 23rd
November 2010.

Might help a few HDUK members out who would like those extra special nibbles this Xmas at a very reasonable price.

The page is set up online although it doesn't list the selection yet so you'll have to go into store at the moment. There must be about 15-20 different lines.


Had a look this morning, even at half price they look expensive. Its a no from me.

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Oh come on!!, the majority are £0.99p more than the cardboard crap that tesco and asda are selling - The quality is on a different level.

48 degrees! Seem that most do not agree. My wife works for waitrose, so we would get staff discount on top of the half price and I still wouldn't buy them.
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