HALF PRICE Whole Chickens & Beef Roasting Joints @ Somerfield
Whole Large Chickens now only £3.50 (£1.75pkg)

Large Beef Roasting Joint now only £5.00pkg


Rooster Potatoes 2.5kg Bag for £1.00 (Was £2.00)

Devonshire Cheesecake (Frozen) now only £1.15 (Was £2.30)



Dont know if its just the Somerfield by mine but everytime i go in to get the meat when its on offer they never have any left, and personally i think most things in the shop at full price are well overpriced when compared to Asda or Tesco so im surprised Somerfield arent struggling in the current climate,
The deal is good though if you can get them!

Thanks for the info. Just bought a chicken and piece of beef in Melksham. Plenty of stock.

Not usually any shortage in Coventry, in fact I have known some deals to still be available after the 2 week offer period.

That said, this is a regular "offer," OK, just the usual Topside/Silverside beef with thin later of added fat where not naturally there, normally prone to being a bit tough, so a long pot-roast is usually the best bet - not a cut for eating rare anyway, unless very well matured, which this WON'T be!
Only drawback seems to be the large sizes, so won't suit everyone, whereas other supermarkets have offers for smaller joints at times too at this price range £5/Kg seems OK and in line with other recent "offers" from some of the supermarket chains.

The Rooster potatoes were this price last week in Coventry...they were marked "Manager's Special" so I took them to be a local offer rather than everywhere.

Not bad.
Get better value at Aldi.
Usually manage to get a chilled chicken weighing around 1.70kg for £2.26

Original Poster

Always have loads of stock at our somerfield and always really really fresh with nice long dates on them.

Somerfield may not be the cheapest, but as a local supermarket (not big out of town job) i think it is really good value, when you compare it to coop, and your spars and lidls and i seem to find them very similar to the price of a tesco express too. But when they got a offer on i find it can sometimes be much better than the larger supermarkets (example the turkey offer at christmas dont belive any supermarket came close to matching that price)
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