Halfcost Womens Adidas Climacool (3.5, 5) £9.99

Halfcost Womens Adidas Climacool (3.5, 5) £9.99

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Found 30th May 2008Made hot 30th May 2008
Free P&P if you spend £50
Both seem good prices- limited sizes obviously


Mens OOS! :-(

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Original Poster Admin


Mens OOS! :-(

Thanks Gary I'll take them out of the OP

Mens - expired...
size 9 - No stock available
size 10 - No stock available

why dont they take it off their sites?

Aww great price but try as i might, i cant sqeeze my size 6 feet into a size 5 (tried many a time in the sales):oops:

Darn it Mens size 10 would have been perfect. Had my gym bag stolen out the car earlier this week :-( Already £200 down as window was £75 to fix and ipod was in the bag :-(

car insurance?

thanks , just ordered a pair.

only size 3.5 left, good post though.

Ordered some (46 showing as available) but none actally in stock. Expired.
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