Halfords 1ltr triple wax shake and shine. new waterless car wash and wax £10. 3 for 2 offer.3 for £20 or british cycling discout £18 = £6 a bottle.

Halfords 1ltr triple wax shake and shine. new waterless car wash and wax £10. 3 for 2 offer.3 for £20 or british cycling discout £18 = £6 a bottle.

Found 17th Jul 2015
new triple wax shake and shine car wash. all you need is some microfibre cloths and this stuff. no more carwashes or jet washes this is better than them. does 10 car washes a bottle.
just buy three bottles and pay £20 if with British cycling. discount£18. makes it 6 quid a bottle or 60p to wash and wax your car.
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Triplewax Shake and Shine

Keep your paintwork, metal, glass and rubber clean and shining with the Triplewax Shake and Shine.With no water required simply shake the bottle to mix the specially formulated wax and wash together and simply apply to the required surface. Within minutes you will be left with a streak, smear and scratch free result with no water spots or marks. Perfect for preparing your car for the summer!

Triplewax Shake and Shine Extra Info

Perfect for paintwork, metal, glass and rubber.Results within a few minutesNo water required
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The show season is off to a great start for 2015, and there's nothing better than driving to the venues in your classic. Except for the dead bugs, the little splashes of mud, screenwash and general muck that conspire to take the edge off your detailing.

Carplan's Triplewax Shake & Shine offers a tidier solution than carryng a bucket and sponge to the show, so we've given it a quick test. The one-litre bottle contains both carwash and the three waxes taken for granted with Triplewax's product, and features an adjustable nozzle for spray or stream dispensing. Use is simple - just spray on and wipe off with the ubiquitous microfibre cloth.

The soap component is designed to degrease and lift bird lime, bugs, tree sap and oily deposits but this is not going to remove sand or grit, which should be rinsed off first.

On our test Citroen Xantia, some light dirt typical of a drive in mixed weather was removed from the wheelarch and side repeater, and very little of the Shake & Shine was required; there's probably enough in the bottle for five or six quick clean-ups or a couple of entire-car washes. The depth of shine is impressive and it can be used on glass and screen rubbers, though it should be wiped off tyres before it dries. Residue on black plastics is easily removed and for something applied 'on the go', it does not leave your hands covered in hard to shift product. Whether selling or showing, we can recommend Shake & Shine for that last-minute spruce up.

I think putting this on a Zantia is a fitting analogy. Crap on Crap.
Not impressed, residue overspray is impossible to remove from areas that this product gets into, the tyres the rubbers, shuts, lines all get this horrible white residue left looks like a bodged cleaning job,
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i tried it on my black car. no white marks anywhere.
rubbish deal... how much? over priced junk.
Never used this stuff, but the price is good. I have used Grease Lightning, and it cleaned very well, removing all marks etc. but after a couple of days, if you wash the car or it rains, you notice the water is not beading as it should on a waxed car. The product not only removed the dirt, it also removed the waxes I had previously put on the car. Hot price but I will never use this type of product on any of my cars except to remove stubborn stains.
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