Halfords -20 Concentrated Screenwash 5L £3.37

Halfords -20 Concentrated Screenwash 5L £3.37

Found 24th Dec 2014
The Halfords -20 Concentrated Screenwash 5L is ideal for very cold weather if used neat. You can also use this screenwash all year round when mixed with water to keep your screen free from bugs, dirt and road grime.


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3.74 - 10% = 3.37 to pay. I've just collected mine

-20C is very cold, deal shouldn't be though?
Voted hot!

Have some heat

-20°C, that's more like it for winter. Good price for 5L. Heat from me.

Asda £2.50 for 5L. Its all the same stuff! Cold.

Oh I've just ordered 3 of the Berry one at £2.49 each
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Heh, I took advantage of the 2 screwdriver sets for £6.30 today and a colleague who came along spotted these on the shelf with a £2.49 price tag and a 1/2 price red tag on them... he managed to convince the till operator they where now £2.49 and got away with it

Lol Asda is not same stuff at all! Freezes at zero
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