Halfords 3for2 on ALL cleaning products!
Halfords 3for2 on ALL cleaning products!

Halfords 3for2 on ALL cleaning products!

I was looking to purchase some Meguiar's cleaning products, and my local Halfords usually has a good stock of the range, not to mention they often run promotions on cleaning products, so I e-mailed their customer helpdesk to find out if a promotion would be coming up soon and this is what they said...

Thank you for your recent e-mail.

There is a promotion starting tomorrow (11/03/2008) 3 for 2 on all cleaning
products, the Meguiars range is included in this.

If you require any further assistance then please do not hesitate to
contact us.

Kind Regards
Andy Weston
Halfords Customer Services


This includes pressure washers... you can get 3 for £62!!

Why would you need 3 pressure washers?

Apart from selling two:roll:

Hot deal.. you also get the 10%

Original Poster

Yes you do, however, I think that's only if you purchase online or reserve for store pickup.

3 x HL1500 for £125 ish. I couldn't get them in my local Halfords (Wrexham) as only 2 left. Appears to be a good machine with average reviews. Normal display price £139 ish. Snip at £42 each. That the father in law and brother in law birthdays sorted this year.

Thanks for sharing this information with us.

Good deal, voted hot.

Grabbed some stuff earlier and saved me a fiver, cheers for posting.

H&R given.
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