Halfords - 50% Off Apollo Verge Alloy Mountain Bike (Was £299.99 Now £149.99)

Halfords - 50% Off Apollo Verge Alloy Mountain Bike (Was £299.99 Now £149.99)

Found 15th Nov 2012
Awesome present for anyone that's interested in cycling Great price too!

Product Details:
The Apollo Verge Mountain Bike is a front suspension mountain bike designed for both on and off road use, with a lightweight aluminium frame and 18 speed Shimano gearing.

Free in-store bike build & inspection*
Free 6 week first service
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Voted cold.

Stupid RRP, and even at this price is appalling quality when compared to the Decathlon Rockrider 5.1 at the same price: decathlon.co.uk/roc…tml

Why do they all come with those horrible twist gears?
both bikes mentioned in this post are junk. better buying second hand and a bit more really.

both bikes mentioned in this post are junk. better buying second hand and … both bikes mentioned in this post are junk. better buying second hand and a bit more really.

Better buying second hand and a bit more really? What a stupid comment.

Why don't we just say better to buy new and more expensive as well? If you've only got this amount and you are buying as a gift, then the Decathlon is a much better bike. If you can find a new bike thats better then the OPs or mine then show us!!

Kids don't want second hand xmas pressies anymore. It was OK for our generation, but things were a lot more expensive back then. From a technical point of view of course you will get better second hand, and if it was for a serious cyclist they'd understand completely, but for your average kid would you give them a scratched bike as a present?
why is it a stupid comment waterboy, nobody mentioned anything about a xmas present, i was giving a bit of advice, these bikes are poor. and a waste of money. the parts are cheap the dimensions of the frame are wrong, thats why i said buy second hand so u would enjoy riding more and be safer , waterboy u know nothing about bikes, simples, this is better http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DIAMONDBACK-OVERDRIVE-DISC-BLACK-MOUNTAIN-BIKE-NEW-/251038847166?pt=UK_Bikes_GL&var=550125360861&hash=item3a7314d0be
this is better

this is better

this is better

this is better


this is better

this is better

all the bikes i have hi lighted are all under £200, so i hope i'v proved my point waterboy and thanks for wasting 30 mins of my life but it was worth it!!
so next time u think u know what your talking about waterboy chances are u dont!!
First bike was £189, second was £260, third was £185, fourth was £210 (and is a pile of poo), fifth was a childs bike but ours are not, sixth and seventh are the SAME BIKE and was £150 but didn't sell and was SECOND HAND, when the OP mentioned it was for a present and i'd mentioned Gift, and the eight was also SECOND HAND and went for £200!!

So none are £150 or less, AND new, so as good as a gift or present?

So it would appear that both your grasp of English AND Maths would both appear to be flawed. I've also wasted time on this, but like you feel it was worth it

And as for "Waterboy U know nothing about bikes, simples", how old are you.....5?
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