Halfords 950g dry powder fire extinguisher £7.92

Halfords 950g dry powder fire extinguisher £7.92

Found 3rd May 2012
A very similar product got to about 600degrees when it was on special at Aldi for £7.99.
This is a tiny bit cheaper and you aren't wondering, like all Aldi products, is it actually any good, will it fall apart on first use!

Doesn't appear to be a special offer, just a regular price, but cheaper than eBay or anywhere else I've seen, so it might be a misprice that gets corrected when they read this!

(Please don't expire this deal just so you can see the message "The fires out on this one" and get a small giggle :-) )

(Google shopping says free delivery but Halfords website says "collect from store only". I'm guessing shipping extinguishers in the post is not appreciated by the royal mail)
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DOH, sorry, tried to get one, checking stock it says :

We are very sorry, but no UK store currently has the item you require in stock.
Halfords build quality better than Aldi, that's a bold statement.
No stock in England. Nearest store with stock is Omagh in N.Ireland (300 miles away from me), I think I'll pass.
Not available in Scotland either, Lokk as though the FIRE is out on this one
In stock in Newtownabbey. Shame its 174 miles away from me...
I posted the Aldi one and it's made by the same company has the halford one, we had both on the thread. All have to conform to BSI standards so they both should be of equal quality.

Of all the things I've bought from Aldi I've never had a problem with quality.
Why are we still posting Halfrauds 'deals' ?
It's like some fantastic prices at Tesco where no stock can be found!
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