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Halfords Advanced 1600 Lumen Front Bike Light - £53.99 with voucher code (possible £48.99 with member signup) + free collection @ Halfords

£53.99£59.9910% off
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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Use the voucher code EXTRA10 for 10% off and then use the motoring sign up voucher.

£48.99 by 10% code EXTRA10 and then add the £5 voucher you get from the joining the club.

Not the best light for the power but a lot of cheaper. It’s bright enough for canal paths and slow speed trails. Great for commuting on lower power. My old one died after 4 years, one broken LED. I replaced the charger with an magnetic micro usb connection to look after the charging port.

Probably not bright enough for trail centres at speed.

Features & Benefits:
Ultra high power 1600 lumen maximum output
USB rechargeable
Intelligent Power Bar
Power Bank functionality
8 modes (1600, 1000, 640, 240, 15 Lumen, day flash, flash, pulse)
LG batteries
Premium brushed aluminium body
Temperature protection
Mode Memory
IPX5 Water Resistant
Charging time from empty is 9 hours

If you have an alternative please post a link as I haven’t picked up mine yet!
Halfords More details at Halfords

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    This is a good light, I've got it and it's ridiculously bright on high setting. I set it about halfway for night riding and the battery lasts for ages
    I’m not a fan of Halfrauds but I think it’s a good light for the price. If I struggle with this I’ll buy a magic shine 2600 but that’s £130. So far my old 1600 has been good and until now and burned out one led for 4 years of hard use. Might take it apart while I use this.
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    49047781_1.jpgThe extra10 code and joining the motoring club with free delivery brings the more powerful 1800 lumen to £49. Top cashback too which may or not get honoured with the code stack. (edited)
    Thanks I did the same. Not keen on the lower runtimes but the 1600 lasted longer than the 1hr on high. I’m hoping the 1800 is the same and lasts a bit longer than stated.
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    I bought two of these at £35 ! Few years ago and they are still excellent. If they broke I'd be more than willing to pay £50 odd to replace it. Also use it to charge my gopro at coffee stops as it is also a power bank.

    With same code this 1800 lumen is worth considering as it is the same price.

    halfords.com/cyc…d=t (edited)
    I really like my 1600 and have been waiting for a new deal, but now they have a new version..
    Have you got the 1800 how does it compare
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    One-off only... could get it for £40 if an offer for £45 was accepted & you have the DELIGHT5 code (expires 16.12.22) to take another £5 off ebay.co.uk/itm…443
    I did consider it but I can collect tomorrow morning or anytime I want. If it dies within a year I still have warranty. Does eBay give me a warranty of a year?

    I can also return it within 30 days if I think it’s performance is poor. I need it for my commutes for tomorrow evening so I can pick up.
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    I think a paid a little less for this but it was a few years ago.
    Still works a treat though and is stunningly bright.
    Me too. I bought it when came out in 2018? At £35. Then it shot up with all the prices/inflation. I nearly bought another on Black Friday but that was still higher. Just hope it helps someone like me who likes riding and commutes that doesn’t need a magic shine for 2am fast forest rides.
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    Great light for night riding, good battery life and way better than the dubious Chinese cheap stuff!
    Considering this is probably made in China too I think thats a bit of a generalisation. Solarstorm x3 are well reviewed on singletrack and I have had 3 ( two for me) and one for my son for ten years. Cheap enough to had a spare and additional battery packs. Bungy mount which is better if you crash. Son crashed with a £100 moon fixed mount and torch mount shatterd leaving it useless for anything but walking the dog.
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    Any alternatives?
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    I’ve just cancelled my order and bought the 1800 lumens version on the same codes. £49.
    Will delete this post!