Halfords Advanced Professional 150 piece socket set £99.99 @ Halfords

Halfords Advanced Professional 150 piece socket set £99.99 @ Halfords

Found 14th Nov 2009
I know this is often(almost always) at this price, but it is a real bargin for £100 and i thought id just post it as a reminder to those who dont know. It has a lfietime warranty so broken sockets are replaced and is of great quality. This will be great for pretty much anyone apart from the trade and is somthing that you should have handy at home.

Halfords Advanced Professional 150 piece Socket/Ratchet Set is made from professional quality materials and is part of our top of the range tool sets.

* Chrome vanadium steel sockets and accessories
* Fully polished chrome vanadium steel ratchets and combination spanners
* Ratchet spanners metric with robust ratchet mechanism requires just 6 degrees movement to turn fastener

An unbeatable selection of Halfords professional tools - designed for the professional mechanic. Comes with Lifetime Guarantee.



Great tools but the lifetime warranty doesnt cover the bits that will actually break

High quality toolset, and its only the ratchet mechanism that isn't covered. You will only break this mechanism if you abuse it, thats why it isn't covered by the lifetime warranty.
This set is very often this half price as now, but still a good deal nonetheless. Hot.

The repair kits for the ratchets are about £5 each, if you do break the ratchet then you weren't using it correctly too. Very good kit and very good value for money. I do work in the trade and carry this about in the back of my car.

At work we bought a brand name kit for our new trainee recently which was well over £200 and when it turned up it was exactly the same kit as this Halfords one but with different branding. The tool seller told us at the time that he has sold loads of this kit to mechanics who work in the trade and they use it to do jobs on the side while leaving their mac gear at work. :thumbsup:

Halfords Professional range are made by Sykes and Pickavant :thumbsup:

A mate bought this last Christmas for his son, Boxing day they offered 10% of everything so he got it for £89.99
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