Halfords Advanced Professional 150 piece Socket/Ratchet Set. Half Price.  £99.99

Halfords Advanced Professional 150 piece Socket/Ratchet Set. Half Price. £99.99

Found 2nd Oct 2009
This set is back down to half price again..... 50% discount applied to basket.
Reserve to store or £4.99 delivery

Halfords Advanced Professional 150 piece Socket/Ratchet Set is made from professional quality materials and is part of our top of the range tool sets.

Chrome vanadium steel sockets and accessories
Fully polished chrome vanadium steel ratchets and combination spanners
Ratchet spanners metric with robust ratchet mechanism requires just 6 degrees movement to turn fastener
An unbeatable selection of Halfords professional tools - designed for the professional mechanic. Comes with Lifetime Guarantee.


Great toolkits - I've got the older version of this and apart from a couple of broken pins on the universal joint type sockets (they were replaced without question) and a 10mm socket getting stuck on an extension bar (also sorted out straight away) they have been a fantastic set of tools.

Oh and never ever open the box the wrong way up on a sloping driveway with a drain at the bottom .......

Very nice set, you have the choice of £99.99 through this deal or buy instore for £199 and get ]this tool chest free which sells for £149.99.

However if you have a Costco card you will get a 211 piece Chrome Vanadium set in case with lifetime warranty for about £65+VAT. I might go back for one of them.

Have had to buy this today when my cheapo ratchet broke trying to change my brakes. Also had to buy a new battery (£95! blimey) as the car had been sitting on the drive for a few weeks, needed changing for winter anyway so not as bad as it sounds.

The set feels decent quality, and it managed the job easily enough. I asked about the lifetime warranty specifically regarding the ratchet and was told it's covered...will have to wait and see if that's true. The 3/8th pro ratchet (with a longer handle) was £25 on its own so seems a fair price for the set.

EDIT: Looks like moving parts not covered by Lifetime guarantee, according to packaging. Have read on other forums that it can depend on who serves you and some have been able to get new ratchets. Replacement innards for a ratchet are a fiver anyway.
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