Halfords Advanced Professional Precision Ratchet Repair Kit £1  Each

Halfords Advanced Professional Precision Ratchet Repair Kit £1 Each

Found 23rd Aug 2017
If you have Halfords professional sockets sets they are quality pieces of kit , with a lifetime guarantee, however reviews say they don't replace the ratchet when they go wrong .
The ratchet repair kit are normally £4.99 each , but are currently on offer for £1 each available for 1/4 , 3/8 and 1/2 " So if like me you have their sockets sets , it is worth investing in £3 for one of each and keep it with the set.
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Good shout.
My 3/8 ratchet died a few years ago but been making do with an adapter. Thank you for this. Heat added
Great idea. Ordered 1 of each
i believe the many reviews about ratchets not being covered are older ones.

i seem to think they went FULL coverage on the lifetime warranty ( including ratchets ) more recently but i assume they may pay closer attention to damage to the rest of the handle when you return with the ratchet & decline if there is signs of it being hammered or otherwise extended to gain more leverage ( although i have to say they are rather robust as my 150 bit kit 1/2" handle head has come in mighty handy as a make-do hammer on a couple of occasions & not a mark was made on it )

i bought 1 of each of these at full price when i got the 150 kit many years ago now as back then there was as mentioned no coverage on the moving parts but even then if you had a good store nearby they often would swap out a ratchet if you went in with the right manner & asked them right ( or got the new guy who did not know they were not covered lol )

I still got a 2nd set of spares this time round as @ £1 each they were a bargain ( even better as i bought in when the 15% code was active recently & thus 85p each & then british cycling ontop when i collected brought the price down to 77p so i would be a fool not too at that price - bought another full round of standard 45 tooth ones for the standard kits & also a full round of 72tooth precision repair heads too for the 1/2" handle i also bought recently ( to complete the precision set i have from many years ago too as it was on special & also allowed the 15% code & 10% off when collecting )

at the end of the day though, i bought the 2nd round of repair kits because @ 77p each its probably cheaper to use one of these if i ever need to than it is to drive down to the nearest store to get it replaced under warranty
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The Ts&Cs on the warranty seem fairly clear:
  • Simply take the tool which needs replacing to your local store and we will arrange to provide you with a replacement as soon as possible
  • Discontinued items will be replaced with an equivalent product in terms of use and quality
  • This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights
i thought as much. there is now no mention of the moving parts - BUT previously ( a year or 2 ago ) they had a section which stated that moving parts were not covered under the lifetime warranty.

it also indicated as much sneakily on the packaging for the tools too ( or did on my 150 bit set back then i seem to recall which is why i bought the repair kits back then - it was a * beside the lifetime warranty text & this then was expanded in the small print elsewhere to state the moving parts were not covered, but in a more longwinded way etc.


just grabbed a couple of the 1/4" 72 tooth repair kits as they are old & new packaging handily

new design has lifetime guarantee logo & the words excluions apply, see halfords.com/adv…ced on the rear of the packaging ( which basically tells you whats written in the above post by simonspeakeasy,the older packaging design has NO mention at all about any form of guarantee as back then they did not have any on this bit of the tool
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i knew i had not imagined it. old advanced/pro warranty text blurb

* Should a Halfords Advanced Professional Hand Tool fail whilst being used for the purpose and in the manner for which it was designed, it will be inspected and replaced. Simply return the product to your nearest Halfords store with proof of purchase and we will arrange a replacement for you.

Proof of purchase is required to validate the Lifetime Guarantee.
Misuse of the product will immediately invalidate the Lifetime Guarantee.
Moving parts are not covered for wear and tear under this guarantee.
Discontinued items will be replaced with an equivalent product in terms of use and quality.
This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights.

pulled from a post from this very site way back in 2014


basically all ratchets are NOW covered BUT its still handy to have these as at this price its probably cheaper than the fuel used to get you to & back from the halfords store to get the tool replaced & it means your able to keep going even if the store is closed at the time the tool breaks ( who knows, you may even be able to wander in when ur next passing with the pile-o-bits that used to be the internals of the ratchet that broke & they may give u another repair kit in its place seen as the repair kits are also covered under the warranty technically )
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Unless they have changed their T&C's they would only change the workings part under the warranty if you had your original receipt, I was told this was because people were buying them cheap 2nd hand like from car boot sales then taking them instore claiming the workings were damaged so basically getting a brand new ratchet.
In their video on this one halfords.com/wor…set guy is mentioning moving parts not being covered, but I guess that might be just old video.
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