Halfords auto centers MOTS £29.95@Halfords

Halfords auto centers MOTS £29.95@Halfords

Found 27th Aug 2013
Halfords doing a decent price MOT and what satisfy's me that they are all professional qualified mechanics.
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Con men
Brrr...starting to get cold. Cheaper to book on line anyway and save £2.50.
No deal for me. I'd avoid them.
these are not professional mechanics in any way shape or form !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If by professional you mean they wear matching black and orange uniforms.....
Changed my car tyres with Halfords. Couple of weeks later, got a phone call from some company selling 'extended warranty' for my car, mentioning the fact that I had changed my tyres with Halfords and if I would be interested in 'extended warranty' for my car. Halfords?Conmen? Definitely.
Hope they are better with cars than they are with bicycles
Used this offer for the past 2 years with no issues.
Professional and Qualified .....do not sit well with Halfords...... oO
Never! MOT from Halfords. They failed my brother in law on a bulb and wanted to recharge him for another MOT after it was fitted. Then when it was redone they failed him on something else (I think a wiper) but all faults should be picked up on the same single test at the start. Basically the wiper was OK on test 1 but not on test 2...

So in short, several full retests and a lot of time to just get it done. so it ended up costing more money than a normal place who could do it for say £40
Never ever take your car to a commercial garage for an MOT. Never...
I agree with adverse comments, wanted a simple oil & filter change; quoted me just over £30 over the phone; when I turned up at the Enfield branch they wanted over £80 (small fiesta); I am glad I asked to confirm the price before giving them the key!
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