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Halfords Autocentres Free 15 point safety check
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Halfords Autocentres Free 15 point safety check

Posted 2nd Jul 2013
Checks include:

Lights and horn operation
Brake pads, disks and drums for wear, cracks, distortion, corrosion or scoring
Brake hydraulic system, pipes and hoses for leaks, chafing and corrosion
Wheel cylinders/callipers for leaks and correct operation
Brake servo operation
ABS warning light
Handbrake linkages
Wheel bearings
Windscreen wipers and washers
Tyre condition and pressure
Shock absorber 'bounce'
Steering and suspension components for wear, corrosion and leaks
Clutch and gearbox operation
Propshaft/drive shaft joints and gaiters for security
Exhaust system for leaks, security and noise
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i.e. Give Halfords a sales opportunity.
A few years ago i took my car for an mot it passed with an advisory because a tyre was just above legal tread depth so i popped into halfords on the way home and asked for a tyre fitting ,so in goes the car and they offer me a free safety check while i`m there i said ok.
20 mins later i`m told front discs and pads are shot the rear discs and pads aren`t much better and the cv boots need changing,it passed 2 more mots since then and never mentioned discs or cv boots yet,i have had to change the brake pads though.

if you take up this offer i would also take it somewhere else to be checked over to confirm what they say needs doing.

my 2 penneth from personal exprience
If you're that dumb you can't check horn and lights you are a liability on the roads - PLEASE WALK!
Just a sale's ploy, their only interest is meeting the monthly quota for work, not the safety of the car.
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