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Halfords Boltless Shelving Unit 175kg - £29.69 with code / £25.14 with Motor Club Signup Delivered @ Halfords

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Update 1
28/02 - Now £29.69 for all using code MOTORING10. Possible extra £5 off with Motor Club signup (£30 min spend)
Get Halfords Boltless Shelving Unit 175kg for £29.69 with code MOTORING10**You must be signed in as Motoring Club Member to get 10% discount with the code

Halfords Motoring Club Free Membership is easy to sign up and you get a further £5 discount. Add Disposable Medical Face Masks for 45p to take total order over £30 and apply £5 sign up Voucher to get it for £25.14

You can Sign up HERE

  • Delivery is free
  • Free Click & Collect

I bought two of them in the last sale. It was very easy to put up and sturdy once it is complete. Very happy with the purchase at this price. One of the helpful suggestions in my previous post was to apply MDF sealer on the shelves to prevent water ingress, if you are planning to use it in a damp area

Other options for Top Up if you don't want Masks:

335 P21W Car Bulb Manufacturers Standard Halfords Single Pack - 80p
Halfords 1/2" Paint Brush - 89p
Halfords 10 Litre Bucket - 90p
Halfords Ice Scraper - 90p
Hi Vis Number Yellow - Various - 90p


Halfords Boltless Shelving Unit 175kg

  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Ideal for garage, workshop, office or utility room
  • Sturdy 5-shelf design
  • 175kg shelf capacity
  • Packaged Dimensions: 915 x 453 x 60mm
  • Assembled dimensions: 1800 x 900 x 450mm

The Halfords Boltless Shelving Unit 175kg is a quick and easy way to add shelving and storage space to your garage, workshop, office or utility room.

The boltless design means that the unit is simple to build and adaptable. It can be assembled as a full height freestanding unit with five shelves or as a half-height workbench with shelves underneath.

The shelves have a weight capacity of 175kg, while the unit has a powder-coated finish and plastic feet for added floor protection.

If you’re looking for garage shelves, then the Halfords Boltless Shelving Unit 175kg is a great choice. It’s also been designed to work seamlessly with other products in the Halfords-branded shelving range, allowing you to create your own modular garage storage solution.
Halfords More details at Halfords

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  1. deanos's avatar
    £26.39 on trade club btw 
  2. DDP_DDP's avatar
    I have 3 of these in my shed ordered online for delivery.
    They are not sturdy unless you attached them to a solid wall and the shelves are thinnest mdf boards I’ve seen for shelves
    For the £29:69 you get exactly what you’re paying for.
    It’s not worth a penny more than that..
    And the boltless design is a issue regarding strength.
  3. Carmarthen888's avatar
    If you intend to use these in a shed or garage be VERY careful you MUST either replace the boards and get some more sturdy ones or as a minimum water seal both sides of the boards at least twice and the edges otherwise you will have damp, warped mouldy boards in a very short length of time
  4. Kingmob's avatar
    Bought two of these last time on sale, about as stable as shelving made from curly wurlies.
  5. sam1970's avatar
    Will these be good in a shed?
    daedos's avatar
    Based on previous threads you'll need to treat the wood otherwise it'll attract mould
  6. C0mbat's avatar
    These are amazing for the money. I got two of these and the corner version and it's unbelievable how much you can store on them. Everywhere else sells these for at least twice the price and they are the same thing. Buy them!
  7. duncanb1973's avatar
    just bought. Its a decent bit of kit, the instructions are terrible but not too difficult to put together
  8. getmore4less's avatar
    MDF is hydroscopic when not sealed.
    Also these are thin so will bow over time when loaded.

    Save up a few pallets(or other wood) to replace when the supplied give up.

    If you have space(and a bit more £) keep an eye out for something like these when on offer(homebase used to do them) seriously sturdy.
    Raaawr's avatar
    Where can you get something like that?
  9. mattsloft's avatar
    If Screwfix is closer, they've got a £5 off voucher ending today, and can get a slightly sturdier one for £35.
    jimonyzangs's avatar
    Hi, have you got the code. I've installed the Screwfix app and allowed notifications but no code given yet. Thanks if you can.
  10. daudiamd's avatar
    Painted the MDF and been great for 5 years and still going… (edited)
  11. hj1249211's avatar
    Does the job but very wierd to assemble.. a simple nut bolts would have done better job.
    C0mbat's avatar
    I disagree. With a rubber mallet or a hammer and a cloth to cover the metal these are so easy to assemble. Far easier than nuts and bolts. Plus if you ever need to take them apart it's much easier to.
  12. ben_summers's avatar
    Thanks, OP just bought two of these. I really needed some storage in the garage. Plus, I still had my £10 gift card.
    49641709-Mcwa5.jpg (edited)
    a.198311's avatar
    Any truck to get the £10 giftcard..?
  13. MrFizzy's avatar
    Looks the same as the ones sold by Lidl last week for £40. 
  14. dwattsy21's avatar
    Had a fiver voucher on my account, ended up being £24.69 delivered for me. Thank!
  15. kembiff's avatar
    I have one in my plastic keter shed but you have to take chop a couple of inches off the uprights
    sam1970's avatar
    Thank you. Are the shelves Mdf? Will they survive the moisture? Also, is the frame plastic or metal?
  16. sampatel28's avatar
    Don't buy it,, it is a crazy,,,hard to assemble and the ply is thin as paper
    rev6's avatar
    Not difficult if you bend the tabs first. Seal shelves with PVA glue or similar (edited)
  17. jouster's avatar
    Halfords made a complete mess of my order from them. First they didn’t deliver the shelving unit but delivered the £1 bucket I ordered with it. The. They delivered the shelving unit four times but only collected two of them.

    So I ended up with two shelves and two buckets.

    But the general hassle it all took over almost three weeks was a massive PITA
  18. ZaGaZ's avatar
    accidentally clicked cold! but cant change - dont like this about this site!
    Ordered anyway so thanks OP [and sorry]
    Rambojazdude's avatar
    haha. It's doing pretty well anyway. great deal!
  19. Somebody's avatar
    Good price. These were £37.99 last July.
  20. john733's avatar
    Just used my £10 motoring club voucher from ages ago and the above code, added a cpl of face masks and now delivered free for £20.14 all in - thanks Op!!
    Satdiv's avatar
    @John Could able use both as I have also have £10 but it is not allowing MOTORING10 to use together
  21. TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    Site sucks. Can't add to basket with a vpn running.

    Cardyard could save you another 11.98%
    googleboogle's avatar
    Nodoubt geofenced so only uk traffic can use it. Makes sense.
  22. Cantwin's avatar
    This is a frequent offer from Halfords
  23. Bcfc0698's avatar
    Ordered 2 ready for our shed clear out in the summer.
  24. DealHunter0017's avatar
    These any good ideal world had these ones or similar?
  25. westy512's avatar
    Worked and purchased for £24,14 as you described thank you aprishated been looking for these kind of shelves for years
  26. mrgentry's avatar
    I have the Lidl version. Rubbish and I will be returning them. The shelf is about 4-5mm deep. Kept falling apart during the build.
    Andrew_Smart's avatar
    Yes that's how it's designed, when it's assembled it has its structural strength. Obviously the structure isn't in 5mm MDF.
  27. graham321's avatar
    Got similar sets for the shed a few years back. Felt flimsy when putting together and some of the struts bent, but screwed it to the wall and it’s been fine. 
  28. ibiris's avatar
    Highly recommend treating the wooden shelves as others have said. I fitted 2 sets of similar shelving in my garage last summer (think it was from Wickes). Most of the shelves are now covered in mould and have started to bow even with a small amount of weight on.
  29. Chewkungfu's avatar
    Just under £55 for two with motor club sign-up and code. Heat.
  30. EN1GMA's avatar
    Ordered 2, thanks op.
  31. Shoppaholic16's avatar
    Does anyone have a spare membership code? I’ve signed up but keeps coming up as error.
    Rambojazdude's avatar
    Try a new email address. I've signed up for first time and got mine
  32. Dmitry_77's avatar
    Can anyone recommend similar shelving but with 150 or 160 cm height?
  33. HUKD69's avatar
    Had these in my garage/gym and they are great. Even acts as dumbbell storage for under 10kg pairs
  34. Malcolm_SmithqBZ's avatar
    The inevitable damp shelves and rusting frame means it’s a cold from me.
  35. MaxxHaze's avatar
    Wow is this how much these are now with inflation?! Bought a couple of similar ones off ebay 2 years ago for £32. Boltless is a must, plenty strong enough for heavy storage and mdf shelves have been fine in my garage. (edited)
  36. Qwertzycoatl's avatar
    Always had issues with the MDF on these other shelving units and the boltless assembly can be annoying, especially to dismantle.

    My personal go to shelving is these - cheaper in store by £5 I 'think' from memory
    Costco Shelving
    They hold as much per shelf as this thing does in total so really useful for stacking up some weight.
    Take about 10 mins to put together once you're in the flow too.

    Can't beat them for the money.

    If you want black

    I have used the 5 tier versions when on sale - very sturdy as well

    And just saw these in silver for £28.99 so much more of a price comparison although only 4 shelves

    Sorry for the hijack still heat added for the price
  37. SamJHW's avatar
    As many have recommended, the shelves definitely need painting, with something water resistant, if used in an area where humidity or condensation is an issue otherwise they will go mouldy
  38. jay__'s avatar
    Shelves look like mdf. Anyone know if they are any good ?
    SamJHW's avatar
    They are indeed MDF, they fit well, but are quite thin, so wouldn't do well with particularly heavy items and they are prone to absorbing moisture and going mouldy
  39. JamesCruncher's avatar
    Thanks ordered
's avatar