Halfords car cleaning clearence nationwide
Halfords car cleaning clearence nationwide There is 50 odd items that have been discontinued so have been reduced significantly till all items are sold out!

Some good brands like ,meguiars,mer turtlewax ,armour all, t-cut

Deals will be nationwide but obviously some stores will have more then others

The picture on the post is before further reductions!

Some bargains i had was mer window cleaner £2!

Meguiars next gen 2.0 wax £5!

turtlewax black box was £18 -reduced to £5!


Was zymol reduced

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Was zymol reduced

Yes the blue shampoo, and leather cleaner was reduced

Was in store yesterday, got the screen cleaner, first stage paint cleaner and armor all shield kit.
Also trade card discount on top

Not online - I'll pop in store later

Does anybody know how much the zymol is on offer for

I got some Zymol today for £3, well £2.70 with British cycling discount.

Zymol auto wash was £10 in my local.
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