Halfords foot pump £2

Halfords foot pump £2

Found 6th Dec 2013
Basic pump that does the job and only £2 reserve and collect.


Can't go wrong can you?

Expect it to buckle under use.

Great find

Don't suppose it comes with a presta pushbike adaptor?

Good find thanks!


Expect it to buckle under use.

get what you pay for.

If I buy 5 I might not have to buy anymore for another year.

Good find heat addedmy boys are forever losing or loaning theirs out


Can't go wrong can you?

Apart from when it breaks as these things invariably do. I know it's cheap for a couple of quid, but they are complete and utter tosh.

Hot, but i paid for one before a nice little cheap one at £5, it didnt last long, the foot bar bent as i pumped and it cant even stand up straight.

but at £2 very hot, and i do need a new one now.

Just what you need if you find your foots gone flat

These are not even worth £2..mine bent and broke before it finished its first use, and at £2 you're not going to tail all the way back for a refund.
£2 down and still had a flat

£2 is inflation. Heat puffed upwards.

Shame its not a double one for that price

I Needed A New Pump The Double One I Have Is On Its Way Out!! Thanku For Tip Very Hot For Me

They do a double version too
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