Halfords fully synthetic 4L oils £12
Halfords fully synthetic 4L oils £12

Halfords fully synthetic 4L oils £12

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Various Halfords fully synthetic oils for £12 as per link. Also Ford 5w/30 in the deal link below. Great price for fully synthetic if your car needs a service.


Hope this proves useful for some.

- thecoolguy


Very useful, My mazda drinks oil so needs regular topping up.

Oil be damned! That's reasonable

Good price for 4l shame it's not suitable for my car which needs low saps oils.

Wonder if we can still get trade discount on that. Could use it for flushing oil at that price

the current euro car parts offer with code oil50 works out cheaper 5l for 9.99 plus free same day delivery to your door. for over £10

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I can only see one for £14.99 and 5 day delivery

Id rather buy a 5 litre drum from ecp.

The king of oils


03 February 2016

I recommend this product!

I have been driving for many years and have done several of my own oil changes, but I was simply blown away by the sheer quality of this oil.

From the moment I picked up the bottle, I knew that others may have their good points, but this one was different. The bottle lay in my hand like a silken purse, giving no doubt as to the quality of the lubricant within.

The description "5W30 fully synthetic" lured me like a siren's song. It may have been 100 per cent artificial, but there was no doubt in my mind that this was the genuine article.

I had my mechanic perform the oil change, and duly presented him with two bottles of Halfords' engine nectar. He seemed sceptical at first, but soon came round after I threatened to fire him.

When the time came for me to pay the bill, he was a changed man. Not broken, but humbled. One might even say transformed. With a tear in his eye he admitted he had been wrong. He rhapodised about the quality of this lube; its golden hue unlike any he had seen in the few years since receiving his City and Guilds in motor mechanics - for he was a young man and his earlier reticence forgivable in light of his youth. He waxed eloquent about the soft "glug-glug" as it oozed into the engine; it had been music to his ears.

I left him promising never to use any other oil. His gratitude was so obvious that I envied him for getting paid for so much enjoyment.

Since the oil change, my car runs as if borne on the wings of angels. Its motor purrs with a contentment seldom found in this day and age.

I sleep easier, knowing that this ambrosial fluid courses through the beating heart of my trusty steed. (So will you, once you've checked the definition of "ambrosial".)

I cannot recommend this oil highly enough. There are not enough stars on the scale.

Thank you, Halfords, thank you, for this perfect blend of petrochemical technology and value for money!

I like:halfords motor oil

I don't like as much:the thought that one day there be none left

Great price but find it ideal for short mileage frequent changes.

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