Halfords HP1400 Pressure Washer £37.99 (online and in-store via online reserve)

Halfords HP1400 Pressure Washer £37.99 (online and in-store via online reserve)

Found 25th May 2012
This looks like a good price for a pressure washer and it comes with the detergent application bottle that I have not seen with other units. It appears to have good reviews too.


The Halfords HP1400 Pressure Washer comes with a range of accessories for immediate use. This includes 5m hose, detergent application bottle, vario lance, which enables the user to vary the water pressure from a pin jet to a fan jet and a hose connector.


A compact and lightweight pressure washer, easy to store
Includes 5 metre high pressure hose allowing plenty of room to use the pressure washer effectively
5 metre mains supply cable
Auto stop motor, the motor only runs when the trigger is pulled, prolonging life and conserving electricity / water
1400 watt motor, the higher the wattage the more powerful the machine
340 litres per hour flow rate
70 bar rated pressure, the higher the rating the more powerful the water output
Conserve Water - A pressure washer saves up to 80% of water when compared to a standard garden hose
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not very powerful at 70 bar rated pressure

With the hosepipe ban, prices on all pressure washer will drop

Every pressure washer posted on this site, somebody says that. What hosepipe ban? There certainly isn't one in my area. Please don't knock down offers before you've done any research.

My local Morrisons have got a decent looking Karcher one for £50 that includes the Patio attachment thingy - I think it was posted on here as a deal. Not saying there's anything wrong with this one as I don't know anything about it, but I've tried a few cheap branded washers and they're not a patch on our fairly basic Karcher, so maybe worth paying a little more? If you sold the patio attachment on a certain auction site you could probably bring the net price down to less than this one.

It is very annoying when OPs act as Gatekeeper to their deals, this has … It is very annoying when OPs act as Gatekeeper to their deals, this has gone cold because the membership as a whole don't rate it.Other posters have doubts about its pressure and quality and it remains a fact that the largest market in the UK is under a hosepipe ban. Consider yourself enlightened.

Firstly, that is a little hypocritical after clicking on just one of your deals (the camera). It is also very annoying when people South of Birmingham think that the rest of the country does not exist. There is no hosepipe ban in the North West, North East, Wales, Scotland.... Do I need to continue? My point stands and I would make the same comment in anybody's post to someone who has made a negative sweeping statement without really thinking about it first. I'm not concerned about the effect your post has on the rating this deal gets and have said that before. I'm off to use my pressure washer now (_;)

You're blubbing so hard that you don't need the washer

The salty water works well with the pressure washer, saving me £10 that would have been spent on detergent.
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