Halfords - Indi Adapt Balance Bike - half price now £25!

Halfords - Indi Adapt Balance Bike - half price now £25!

Found 17th Oct 2017Edited by:"isobel1"
Picked one of these up yesterday for our youngest, it's a lovely bike, good solid tyres and build.

Indi Adapt Balance Bike - 10"

Your little one will love learning how to balance on the Indi Adapt Balance Bike. Perfect for tots aged 2 to 4, this bike has 19mm to accomodate for those with little hands, making this the perfect balance bike to get your little one started with cycling !
Strong steel frame to withstand bumps
10" plastic wheels
Saddle height min: 35cm; max: 42cm
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Didn't like this type as the frame goes out near the wheels and little ones keep catching their legs on it.
We got one of these last christmas for £12.50 and to be honest it's not great.

The plastic tyres offer zero grip making it more difficult to use on most surfaces and the overall size is absolutely tiny
Last year I baught it for 15 with free 15 pounds accessories to go with it .. can’t complain my little one loved it
we used a 2 wheel scooter with one of ours and got them to glide on it and that seemed to help with balance and could use it afterwards as well
I really believe balance bikes are amazing. They significantly ease the learning process of learning to ride a bike. I highly recommend them. I have one balance bike that has been used by my two boys and is currently in use by my recently turned three year old daughter. She can already left her feet off the ground. it won't be long before she is ready to try her brothers bike.
I would never recommend stabalisers on a bike now.
Waiting for the cycling crew to turn up to tell us why is this rubbish compared with a £6k full carbon racing bike.
Just take the pedals off of your little ones first real bike and let them practice balancing on that. Then there is no transition period trying to get used to a new bike when learning to use pedals.
Used to be sold as the Trax brand. Size wise it is pretty small and they'd likely outgrow it well before going near a 'proper' bike.
looking good
We got one last time it was on offer. It's done OK but my nearly 3 year old has already out grown it. Shame that we'll have to get her another balance bike as she's not ready for pedals just yet
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