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Halfords Industrial Tool Cabinet Bundle - £254.15
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Halfords Industrial Tool Cabinet Bundle - £254.15

Posted 17th Feb 2017

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Halfords Industrial 6 Drawer Ball Bearing Tool Cabinet & Chest Bundle for £254.15 when using promo code WORK15

Code will work on other items too but thought this is usually popular and good price.
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I have these, excellent quality.
This is good kit
great quality. tempted to get a second box.
Agree - excellent quality and great price for these. I have these and have followed the price for years and I think this is the cheapest they have been - I paid £270 plus few% cashback off. Thoroughly recommend these so not sure why cold.
I have these too. They are a decent bit of kit. Best deal for such a good product!
Picked these up at this price last month, leagues ahead of their professional range, for not much more money. I looked at others and nothing can touch these for value. Can't understand why it's gone cold?

Also if you are a member of British Cycling you get a further 10% off too
Great deals, esp with the code, just ordered two top chests from the Professional range that I have been waiting for. Thanks for sharing
Could anyone explain why this deal is cold?

Could anyone explain why this deal is cold?

probably just 'cos it's halfords
regarding the BC discount its store dependent, unfortunately, as I think they've had a rulee change but some store haven't done it, but I've had a set of these with a double discount like this that got BC on top, but the last set I bought I didn't get the BC as they claimed that the BC wasn't valid with other discounts, and no amount of explaining and claiming that I'd had it before was going to work, as she was claiming that there was an email that she had pinned to the wall for everyone to see(staff) regarding not giving the double dip...

All that said good luck to all that can get it,I shall certainly try again , just don't hold out much hope..
Just a quick note to those that have a trade card though, these are Usually cheaper 'trade', but you don't get the WORK15 15% discount. and again its store dependent if you can get the BC on top of that as i'm pretty certain you shouldn't but most will still allow it as its just a click and collectso will BC at the till for you

Also agree cracking quality these, especially after they finally brought out the middle section, and apart from the price(never quite as cheap, and no center section) although I don't have them I think I'd prefer the white set, as the drawers are slightly bigger as there's only 5 per section, so IMHO a more user friendly drawer size.

Regarding alternatives (although not as good on price, and non-latching handles[which I really rate] ) The new ranges in Homebase run these a pretty close second I reckon, The stainless steel 20 drawer set in particular, though expensive is a cracking set and probably where my money would have gone if I hadn't invested heavily into these Halfords units It has a waterproof pvc cover as well, propper 'pit box' really
The Blue bow fronted units seem pretty robust and decent quality though, if you are in the market and can get a Homebase discount code ...

Sorry I digress...:( I do that...;)

Why is this cold?? The Industrial range is pretty good and this price is superb. Heat added.
expired, bundle is back up to £399.

Voucher "Work15" still works making it £339.15
This went up but has gone back down to £299 again for anyone still thinking of getting them. the 15℅ off is also still working and there were signs up in store. (I think it said it runs until March 1st)

There was a deal for a similar size Professional range bundle on HUKD that worked out less but the price has now gone up. Looking at them side by side on display though, the extra seemed worth paying for the Industrial as it seemed a lot more solid and worth the extra for the better quality.
Exactly how much better are the black 'Industrial' tool chests compared to the red/black 'Professional' range.

I missed the deal recently on the 'Professional' range where the combined price for the 'Professional 7-Drawer Chest' and the 'Professional 5-Drawer Wheeled Cabinet' was £169.15 (with an unrealistic combined RRP of £400). I did get the 'Professional 4-Drawer Intermediate Chest' chest for £41.65 (RRP £100). So the total for three 'Professional' chests would have been £210.80 (with the 'Extra 15% Off All Workshop' discount), which I think is quite reasonable.

However, I have just reserved the 'Industrial 6-Drawer Tool Cabinet & 6-Drawer Tool Chest Bundle' (with an unrealistic combined RRP of £610) and 'Industrial 3 Drawer Middle Chest' for £100 (RRP £200), with the total being £339.15 (with the 'Extra 15% Off All Workshop' discount).

What I want to know before going to collect these on next Wednesday is whether the 'Industrial' cabinets/chests are really worth the extra £130ish.

I do actually prefer the look of the 'Professional' range in red & black, but if the 'Industrial' range is that much better, I will go for that and return the 'Professional 4-Drawer Intermediate Chest'.

The local Halfords is a 30-mile round trip so I can realistically pop out to compare.

I've edited together the different parts for a rough visual comparison (not to scale).

[image missing]

[image missing]

[image missing]

Looking at them like this I may just leave out the 'Industrial' middle chest and save £100

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