Halfords - 'Maglite' LED Torch Upgrade Kit £4, was £11.99

Halfords - 'Maglite' LED Torch Upgrade Kit £4, was £11.99

Found 10th Jun 2013
Not an official Maglite product but an upgrade to your Maglight AA torch.

Listed as £5 on the website, but there's currently an extra 20% camping items so works out at £4 when you get to the checkout!
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Bought these before Nite Ize is a good brand
Any 3 d cell led upgrades?
got it today, wow great improvement for the aa maglite, much more light
These are very good upgrades for the older filament bulb maglites. I have one in my 3D cell.

In addition to being much more powerful, battery life is vastly improved, so you save a fortune in batteries.
The bloody "reserve or buy" button doesn't work for me, I've tried Chrome & Firefox
That was so lucky for me.
The bulb in mine broke last year.
Been looking for replacements.
These are not worth the money. Whilst that's cheap you'll get a better Dealextreme torch for £4 than these will be. You lose the ability to focus the Maglite with these kits - with that in mind it's barely any better.

Get something like this instead - whilst they're nowhere near the lumens claim, they'll still widdle all over a mini maglite with LED conversion.
Is this an upgrade to mini mag lite
Or only the big cell torches
Get mini mags issued at work but very poor light quality
These are the older 3-LED upgrades. There is a newer version ("LED Upgrade II") which has a single LED and maintains the ability to focus with probably a greater output than the old one. Still not bad for £4 & collect same day.
Nice one, thanks OP.
To be fair its cheap enough, and is brighter than the standard filament bulb, but if you want significantly brighter led bulbs try thetorchsite.co.uk/Ter…tml though obviously they cost a bit more, although the same seller has shops on both ebay and amazon which are sometimes cheaper.
Lol. Got mine for £2.

My other hukd deal the £1.60 saddlebag hadn't been delivered so they knocked off £2 from this deal which had turned up.

Thanks op.
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