Halfords professional toolchest, buy 1 get more expensive one free !!
Halfords professional toolchest, buy 1 get more expensive one free !!

Halfords professional toolchest, buy 1 get more expensive one free !!

Buy forBuy forBuy for£129.99
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Was looking online for a tool chest from Halfords and came across this unbelieveable deal...Reserved a 5 drawer professional toolchest from my local store for £129.99, on the website it said if you bought a one of these, you got a 7 drawer toolchest, costing £149.99 absolutely free...Was a bit sceptical, so printed deal out and hey presto, they honoured it...absolutely brilliant......


Will vote hot as looks a good deal but aint got room for 1 let alone 2 of them

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Was an absolutely stonking deal, thinking of ordering another set and putting on on ebay...

The actual wording on the site atm. is 5 draw cabinet which costs 229.99 (not chest at 129.99)

here is the correct link
mind you, you'd probably get away with it as it doesn't specify it has to be that cabinet!
i think i'll try this tomorrow!

no as it says any 5 drawer toolcabinet

I bought both of these boxes at full price last christmas and the intermediate one, even at full price i considered them to be good value compared to the likes of machine mart. The quality of the boxes is pretty good especially with having ball bearing runners, i'm in and out of them a lot and i'm 100% happy with them. Another plus point with these boxes is that they come with draw runners which is a bonus as with some other makes they're not included. GO ON TREAT YOUR SELF ! oh and happy new year

Don't think you will get this one passed them. It says 5 drawer cabinet, not chest. £229.99 cabinet is the cheapest 5 drawer one that they have. Still might go for it though.


9 drawer at argos for under … 9 drawer at argos for under £30.00]http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/7017395/Trail/searchtext%3ETOOL+BOX.htm

FRICTION side runners not ball bearings. Chalk & Cheese but still good enough for most garages.
If into heavy mechanics the Halfords pacckage is a very good deal. (Even tho I'm getting £149.00 not £129.00) unless I'm missing summat (Still recovering):)

Compare THAT to Snap-on.

Aha got it.

Link should be halfords.com/web…464
for this

And then you should get this for free

Doubt it. This is what you need to buy at £229 to get CHEST for free. NOT the 5 drawer chest.
Still a pretty good deal tho.

these are SOOOO expensive - I could never warrant spending so much to stash my tools

Costco do a 17 drawer stainless steel roller 2 pc roller cabinet for £450 + vat- its excellent

If you have a trade card you can get up to 50% off the std prices anyway, i got myself a smaller one at christmas for £22 (£32 - £10 trade promo voucher) from £65
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