Halfords snow spade was £5 now £4 and scans at £3 if you have a trade card

Halfords snow spade was £5 now £4 and scans at £3 if you have a trade card

Found 12th Jan 2017
Bluecol Long Handled Snow Shovel
Dig your way out of a snow storm with the Bluecol Long Handled Snow Shovel, essential for clearing your driveway after heavy snow.

On offer at £4 but the trade card gets it down to £3

Other offers, also basic ice scraper 75p on tradecard

Reviews seem good.
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Great,but they really have exaggerated how this was gonna hit us as always.
yeah, according to them you will need a jcb not a spade.
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Yep definitely right there.. I wasnt going to but got tempted at £3.. if it dont snow then atleast its good to shift the leaves lol
How do you go about getting a trade card?
Snow? What's that?
you could also shovel it aside with your trade card... won't be much this year to justify buying proper shovel .. 2-3mm tops..
I bought at couple of these two years ago (£5 each) , but have yet to use them.
At this price thou a good stand by and worth keeping one in the shed just in case.
In my 45 years on this planet I have yet to ever need to shovel snow, go figure.
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Wickes have some outside at same price
Worth buying as a lucky charm to ward off snow. It has worked so far , since I bought one it has not snowed. I put them in the same category as my Elephant scarer!
You dig with a spade. You shovel with a shovel.
Not a bad price for a snow shovel, it'll come in handy for shovelling leaves in October
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