Halfords up to 50% off  Sat Nav - Tent Packs - Roof Boxes and more

Halfords up to 50% off Sat Nav - Tent Packs - Roof Boxes and more

Found 21st May 2008Made hot 22nd May 2008
up to 50% off Sat nav


Roof Boxes

Tent packs

Car Essentials


Saw the ad on the TV for this yesterday.
The tent/airbed/sleeping bags for £99 looks like a real bargain !!

Hot !!


Check out alternative sites before buying anything though.

I fancied a roof box for my Saab Estate. Halfords have the Thule 780 480 reduced from £480 to £240, sound a great deal, but Thue themselves sell it for £280 and roffracks.co.uk sell it for £250, so not the bargain it first seems. Kudos and rep to the OP, but don't believe all you read on their site.


The navman S80 is a good buy. It is basically a S70 with traffic (tmc) built in, or S90i minus the built in camera. I called navman to confirm. The S70 retails for about £130, and the TMC cradle is £40 - £50. So you're saving £30 - £40. Definitely not worth it at full price, but a good deal compared to other brands, tomtom etc.

The S80 is a halfords specific model, and released in Australia.

They had that tent deal last year. My bro bought it. Its a good tent. I am forever buying cheap cac that lasts 1 trip and ends up in the campsite bin when I leave. Am tempted to get one after seeing the quality of this. I am tall and its akward getting in and out of the smaller tents. This one I could almost stand up in!!!!!


I took a look at things I have bought recently - and things I have been looking to buy once I get back from holiday - but none of the prices were very good or compared well with what I paid.


Wonder why they always put the "upto" in such small text?? :whistling:

which sat navs are 50% off ??????????

Navman F10 £79.99 - half price

Do they really think I am going to believe that the current price of Navman F10 is usually £159.99?!!

Don't insult my intellegence


which sat navs are 50% off ??????????

navman S80 & F10. Neither are really worth 2x the sale price, but the S80 is not a bad deal at £140.
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