Halifax Children regular saver @ 6% Save 10 - 100£ per month

Halifax Children regular saver @ 6% Save 10 - 100£ per month

Found 12th May 2009
This deal was posted 2 yrs ago when interest rate offered was 10% Gone down now but still better than keeping ur money at 0.1%.
Save between £10 and £100 every month on behalf of a child and get 6.00% AER - fixed for 12 months

Save regularly - from £10 - £100 a month
No withdrawals - or missed payments during the 12 months
Unlimited deposits - each month when it suits you (but no more than £100 a month)
Manage your savings - simply transfer your savings into the account by standing order. You can view your account online 24/7.
Fixed interest - guaranteed for the 12 month term

Interest paid - calculated daily and paid on anniversary of the the account opening, to your nominated Halifax account

One account per person - you can only open 1 account for one child. However, other people can also open an account for the child too e.g. relatives, friends. Accounts can only be held by 1 or 2 trustees jointly on trust for a child. Only 1 account per trustee per child

Maturity - after 12 months your savings and interest are simply transferred into a nominated savings account ( you'll be asked to open the nominated savings account at the same time as opening the Children's Regular Saver). You can continue to save in the Children's Regular Saver, at the rate of interest applicable at that time

Nominated savings account - must be held in the same name(s) as the Halifax Children's Regular Saver account, eg Alan Smith in trustee for Timmy Smith.

Eligibility - UK resident personal customers aged up to 16 years (but accounts can continue following the child's 16th birthday).

Standing order - regular payments must be made by standing order from your current account or an account with another bank or building society. Payments cannot be made from Halifax savings accounts.


I opened one of these accounts for my son when he was born - he's now about to turn 3 this weekend and has over £3k saved already! I started off saving his child benefit and then started adding extra to make it up to £100 a month.

I did this for my kids last year. The accounts were set up online which was fine, but I then had to go into the branch and do the security stuff and fill out a tax form. This was a complete mess up and it took about 3 visits for them to actually get the account cleared for use as they lost the photocopies they took then had the tax set up as taxable even though I had completed the forms. The interest was paid correctly though and the balance transferred to the separate savings account at the end of the year. Not sure I would go through the hassle again though.

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Banks do cock up. But there is no better Children regular saver account than this one. So i guess i will open it in Branch than online

Not bad, I managed to get a 6% Regular savings account from halifax in late February just before they changed it to 4%


Do you have to bank with them to have an account for your child?

Good deal, I have all my accounts with Halifax, never had any problems, may well open this one for my niece...


Do you have to bank with them to have an account for your child?

I didn't bank with them when I opened mine and I've had absolutely no hassle at all with opening an account or running it. I'm quite chuffed with myself now to think I've managed to get a tiny little nest egg for my little boy. Now I need to concentrate on my own savings!

This deal is back!
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