Halifax Children's Regular Saver @ interest at 10% AER/gross p.a.

Halifax Children's Regular Saver @ interest at 10% AER/gross p.a.

Found 3rd Dec 2006
Halifax Children's Regular Saver
If you're a parent or grandparent, a godparent or just a friend, then you'll love our great new Halifax Children's Regular Saver account with its astonishing interest rate of 10.00% AER/gross p.a.

Start saving for that special child's future today and reap the benefits:

Saving between £10 and £100 each month, quickly and conveniently by standing order
Earning a rate of 10.00% AER/gross p.a. fixed for one year
Changing the amount or making extra payments by standing order, within the monthly limit, as often as you like
Opening an account in your own name or jointly with your partner on behalf of the child
Having one account per adult, per child (under 16), so for example, each parent, grandparent, friend etc can hold an account for the same child.
Once the twelve month term is up, the money saved and the interest earned will be automatically transferred into your nominated account, or the save4it account we open for you. Of course, once transferred, the money will continue earning the great rate of interest of your nominated account.

At this point your Halifax Children's Regular Saver account is empty and a new interest rate will start on the next deposit being made. You simply continue to save using the same standing order, receiving another year of a great fixed interest rate.

See our Frequently Asked Questions and Important Information

To take advantage of this great new account please note:

Halifax Children's Regular Saver is available to UK personal customers only
The child must be under 16 when the account is opened
Eligible nominated accounts are save4it, Bonus Gold, Liquid Gold, 60 Day Gold and Saver Reward and must be in exactly the same name(s) as the Children's Regular Saver account, e.g. Alan Smith in re of Timmy Smith.
If you do not keep up the monthly payments then the account will be closed, interest will then be calculated at our save4it rate and transferred along with the actual savings to date into your nominated account
You cannot withdraw from the Children's Regular Saver but you may close it at any time. If you do close the account before 12 months has been completed, interest will be calculated at the save4it rate and the money and interest transferred to the nominated account.
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