Halifax or Lloyds £5 back for £10 spend at GiffGaff - probably account specific

Halifax or Lloyds £5 back for £10 spend at GiffGaff - probably account specific

Found 5th Sep 2017Edited by:"ctdctd"
I've got an offer in my Halifax online banking - worth having a look to see if you are a customer of both Halifax and GiffGaff.

Earn £5 cashback when you spend £10 or more on your next payment with giffgaff,

maximum reward £10. Offer valid for up to two payments. Offer will show

as redeemed after your first redemption. giffgaff's flexible plans with

no contracts give you the freedom to change each month, or cancel

anytime. Plus, they all come with 4G as standard. Great stuff. Offer

expires 13/09/2017.Your offer is now active.
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this is showing on my lloyds bank account the same deal
Edited by: "lindalaura" 5th Sep 2017
I found that I got about 2 lots of cashback from halifax within the first few months of it starting, then nothing since. Totally irrelevant offers for me.
Having said that, I hope this giff gaff offer comes up for me - all the family are with giff gaff.
I checked today, never got the £50 EE offer or this ??
Nowt on my Lloyds account but then again I did get it last time around & used it twice
Appearing on my Santander account too.
huh, got voted cold when i posted this deal a few months ago !
Not a bad deal! I have a Halifax Clarity credit card and have just logged in but can't see where an offer like this would be..?
I just toped up £10, how do i get my money back?
Topped up by £10 but nothing showing up in cashback after 48 hours, meh.
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