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Halifax 5 year fixed mortgage - 1.56% (no fee). Existing customers! Plus other reduced deals
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
Halifax have SIGNIFICANTLY reduced their product transfer rates for existing customers on their standard variable rate (or those approaching the end of a fixed rate). 3 and 5 year… Read more
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Just a quick thank you to whoever posted this! I had initially agreed a rate which was £115 more per month, as I was still in the window to cancel I was able to get onto this deal (y) 🔥🔥🔥


thank you, saved £15k over 5 years through this!



Their deals for new customers is peoper ripoff


Tar thanks phevy

Halifax Support impacted by coronavirus-Up to £300 interest free overdraft, No fees for missed payments on credit cards, loans and mortgages
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Posted 29th MarPosted 29th Mar
Received this below information when I logged into my Halifax account this morning... I thought its a good idea to share with everyone... It is nice to see that Banks are also hel… Read more

according to MSE, it'll be up to £500 starting 9th Apr. https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/news/2020/03/uk-coronavirus-help-and-your-rights/?utm_source=MSE_Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_term=07-Apr-20-50601144-2956&utm_campaign=nt-hiya&utm_content=10#overdrafts


good one


For many people this simply isn't possible. There are people out there who have no car or a 15 year old banger, have no holidays, and few luxuries, who still manage to have little in savings/end up in debt. Even then many would rightly wonder what the point is in working and life if all you do is work to pay the bills. We live in a debt fuelled economy, and it really gets highlighted at times like this. House prices are what they are because people are maxing themselves out to compete against everyone else "bidding" for the same house. They don't reflect actual worth at all. Don't forget they're bidding against buy to let landleeches who get to count rent from the property they haven't bought yet as income, and they'll rent out at well over 120% of their monthly mortgage repayments costs. Previous generations didn't pay anywhere near the % of income they do now on housing.


Apply on halifax.co.uk. They have now stated that if you take a payment holiday on the credit card it will not affect your credit file. Think this was after high level discussions with MasterCard and the credit reference agencies, that's why it took a while for this to come online.


OK boomer

Halifax Kids' Monthly Saver 4.5% - from £10 - 100 or month
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Posted 13th JanPosted 13th Jan
A long running offer, not something new. But I thought it'd help Harry and Meghan, in case they didn't know - to gain financial independence for their brood :D A monthly regular… Read more

heat added . thanks


The linked kids saver account allows unlimited withdrawals. It would appear that it is not me who is talking tripe.


You can tell them about the account when they are in their 30's :)


But you are also using this savings account to only earn £30 a year and it is you calling it clever saving. The only difference between what me and you are doing is in the end your child will have a large saving of money in a kids saver account whereas my child will have a larger saving in a Child Trust Fund. Here is a link to the performance data of the fund I "made up" over the last 5 years. If you leave the savings in the kids saver account past the 5th year the 0.2% interest will result in the savings being eroded my inflation, this is not clever saving.



8 beers for £4 delivered @ Beer52 for Halifax customers (with pos. £12 cashback)
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Posted 29th Nov 2019Posted 29th Nov 2019
8 beers for £4 delivered @ Beer52 for Halifax customers (with pos. £12 cashback)
Beer 52 gets a chilled reception on here - but hear me out. Halifax 'cashback extras' offer £20 (guaranteed) cashback on a £24 purchase which gets you 8 beers. Topcashback offer 5… Read more
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Gone for it, TCB and £20 cashback and a beer Advent calendar for £49....well you only live once... (highfive) (popcorn)


Doesnt show up for me on my Halifax offers


Why in craps name does any Beer52 deal get downvoted on here? I know there's a lot of Flavourly 'brand ambassadors' but B52 have a fantastic range & really great offers. Weird AF. Beer's beer, people. Better when it's cheaper, no matter who provides it (y)


It varies. Mostly 330ml bottles or cans and 1 or 2 500ml cans


So is that 8 cans (330ml) or does it vary?

5% cashback on LNER bookings through Halifax Rewards - One transaction only, maximum amount £30
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Posted 11th Oct 2019Posted 11th Oct 2019
5% cashback on LNER bookings through Halifax Rewards - One transaction only, maximum amount £30
One transaction only, maximum amount £30. Valid until Nov 21 on booking made directly online at lner.co.uk Likely account specific.

Usually 5% cashback on ANY UK train (not just LNER) through Chiltern Railways website if you go via Topcashback or Quidco (they tend to flip-flop, so check with each of them).

£1,000 Cash back on Halifax Remortgage
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Posted 2nd Oct 2019Posted 2nd Oct 2019
£1,000 Cash back on Halifax Remortgage
Halifax are currently offering £1,000 on all residential remortgages if you apply before 3rd November. I was in Warrington branch today and the staff were talking about it to me..… Read more
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I’m with Halifax and I’m dreading next year when I need to renew the mortgage looking at them rates I wonder if it’s worth the hassle moving away from them? (If things stay the same) I’m well under 65% LTV so paying near 3% would be mental...


Just checked and got a call back from Halifax this afternoon as they don’t display their interest rate online. Really rubbish deal. For LTV under 60% and remortgaging for £200,000, their interest rate is: 2.67% no fee, £1000 cash back or 2.17% 5-years, £299 fees, £1000 cash back Santander, HSBC and others proposed much better deals. Extra cold deal for me.


Halifax rates are currently awful. As in, absolutely disgraceful. I'll be switching away from them at the end of the year


What a terrible rate. How did this get hot?


Rates are really terrible. Doesn't make sense even for a loan amount of 30k :{

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10% Nandos Cashback through Halifax Rewards
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Posted 4th Sep 2019Posted 4th Sep 2019
10% Nandos Cashback through Halifax Rewards
Available through Halifax. Max Total Reward £30. Valid until 17 October.

not on mine ;(


Very true. For this reason I might cancel as I suspect if you regularly use your card in say nandos they are unlikely to add nandos as a cashback :/


I like these cos they always pay


The Halifax rewards seem to be very specific to each person I have checked one account which had some rewards and the other did not and had very different ones still worth checking but might not be on yours

10% cashback at Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express through Halifax Rewards
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Posted 27th Jul 2019Posted 27th Jul 2019
10% cashback at Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express through Halifax Rewards
10% back on a spend above £50. One transaction only. Maximum reward £50. Valid until Sep 24. Likely account specific.

Just to point out that this requires you to use a Halifax debit or credit card for the payment.


Not showing on mine but great deal for those who get it.


Selected accounts as not showing on mine




Ta, just wanted to confirm and get a little more detail first (y) Popped it back in deals for ya.

No fee Halifax balance transfer 0% interest for 15 months credit card
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Posted 20th Jul 2019Posted 20th Jul 2019
No fee Halifax balance transfer 0% interest for 15 months credit card
Transfer within 90 days for no fees and 15 months interest free on balance transfers. You don’t need to be a existing customer ether.
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This is still going only 15 months now though. I’ve updated


In the defence of others, this was not taught in school until very recently and even the smartest of people might not know every answer to each offer and its terms. I've never had a credit card, I've never wanted one. Please don't make people feel silly for being unsure.


Wow I never knew that.


Saving at low rates is not always better. Depends on what you buy, if you buy an asset that appreciates at a rate that is higher than the saving rate then it won't be better.


No it’s 0%. Hence the post

Earn 50% Cashback when you join or recontract with Sky TV (Halifax Reward Current Account)
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Posted 16th Jul 2019Posted 16th Jul 2019
Earn 50% Cashback when you join or recontract with Sky TV (Halifax Reward Current Account)
I am having "Reward Current Account" with Halifax and just found out that they are offering 50% off if someone join SKY TV. Earn 50% Cashback when you join or re-contract with Sk… Read more

Had the offer on my Santander account for 50% cashback on Sky a few days ago which I accepted, but now it has changed to £50 cashback? Very strange, suspect Santander were offering 50% in error.


Not on my rewards


It's £50 cashback NOT 50% PLEASE AMEND.


Not clear if it's one month or forever. Halifax refers you to sky.com t&c which says nothing about this. Great.


Sky go a bit loopy with offers sometimes. Best deal I ever had on here was a years sky for free. The basic package just with an hd box. Taking into account the initial offer, cashback and an M&S voucher the whole thing cost me about a tenner for a year. Then i sold my HD box on eBay for £30 quid. I'd just moved into my house and it didn't have a tv Aerial. Sky installed a new satellite dish for me as part of that deal for nothing, and after the year was up I quit sky and I've used a freesat box ever since.

Halifax Clarity- It’s back with £20 cashback. 0% fx on spend and atm withdrawal. Uses the mastercard rate about .2% below the interbank
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Posted 3rd Jul 2019Posted 3rd Jul 2019
Your credit card explained 19.9%apr We don't charge fees when you spend abroad. We don’t charge you a fee to withdraw cash outside the UK. The ATM provider may charge you a fee… Read more

My reply was aimed at your fscs remark. I only travel europe so their other fees do not effect me. They also use the mastecard rate and I don't have to worry about moving cash over to pay cc off as it's already in my current account. I have metrobank acc just for holiday cash everything else is in variety of accounts etc. My opinion only of course.


It’s a fact that this works worldwide and metrobank is only free in the eu. For the rest of the world they charge a rip off 2.75% and a cash machine fee of £1.50. Withdraw a tenner and thats a whopping 17.8% charge. Clarity even if paid a month later would be about 5 pence. People can choose I’m afraid. As for the fscs yes that’s my opinion. But with a 90% share loss it would seem shareholders would agree. I have nothing against Metro they have good savings account but for outside the eu they are a rip off. If I don’t have either account I’m not going to open a metro account over this if its just for Foreign currency as it would be a worse deal. In my humble opinion of course.


Thats your opinion.


Cash will be paid first. Always higher intetest and intetest that accumulates first will be paid. They did use to do it the other way round always paying the cheaper interest first but then you could have £2000 interest free and make a £30 cash withdrawal and that would sit there charging interest until the whole lot is paid off. The regulator said anti competitive which it is. This works good worldwide. Anyway the way metrobank is going you’ll be using the fscs not in the distant future.


How would paying off a cash advance quickly work if you also use it for purchases? For example, you have a balance of £100 from buying some stuff, then a few days later take out £100 of currency abroad. Once that currency transaction appears (check using online banking / app I presume?) do you have to now quickly pay off £200 to clear the whole lot, or just the £100 from the currency?

10% cashback at National Express through Halifax Rewards
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Posted 23rd Jun 2019Posted 23rd Jun 2019
10% cashback at National Express through Halifax Rewards
Maximum reward £30, one purchase only. Valid until Jul 9. Likely account specific.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUCfDYfLtLA Heat added (y)


This is account specific. Some only have 5% cash back and some don’t have any such offer. Megabus works out much cheaper. It’s cheaper to fly to Europe than taking National Express bus. Not to mention people talking loudly on the phone in bus and eating smelly food.

10% Cashback on Deliveroo via Halifax Rewards Mobile App (Max Award £30)
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Posted 3rd Jun 2019Posted 3rd Jun 2019LocalLocal
10% Cashback on Deliveroo via Halifax Rewards Mobile App (Max Award £30)
Just saw this offer on my account. One purchase only, maximum reward £30, valid until 18-July.

Not on mine, selected account only


On both of mine


It’s there on mine


Not mine, voting cold


It's not locally issued, its targeted to users

Get £135 by switching your current account to Halifax
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Posted 30th Apr 2019Posted 30th Apr 2019
Get £135 by switching your current account to Halifax
Just took advantage of the natwest switch so thought this switch offer might be of benefit to some :) GET £135 WHEN YOU SWITCH CURRENT ACCOUNTS TO US £50 when using the Current… Read more
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RE the money in to your account .. with one of these switches , I paid in about £430 cash on day one , went back three days later, withdrew £300 in cash (max allowed) then paid it straight back into my account... same ATM. Did that about three or four times .. This way you DONT lose any interest (ok maybe 1 days interest) and its credited straight away. Viola ! Condition met.


It will be your last as nationwide have scrapped their regular saver. Funny how hsbc and fd still offer theirs. Must be because they have shareholders to pay oh no they don’t do they. Must be more money going straight to the ceo and chairman then.


When does this offer end? I can't see the date anywhere on Halifax website. I'm considering switching my Tesco current account when the interest rate drops in a month or two


Good, except nationwide have binned off the regular saver as of a couple of weeks ago


£1500 a month isn't even that much money, I'd still consider that low paid. It's good, but it's not as good as you're making out.

Halifax cashback extras 5% at Sainsbury's (account specific)
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Posted 28th Apr 2019Posted 28th Apr 2019LocalLocal
Halifax cashback extras 5% at Sainsbury's (account specific)
My current account with Halifax is offering 5% back on a shop of £20 or more. Valid on one transaction. Up to £30 cashback, which would mean having to spend £600 in one go? Not… Read more
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Not on my account.


The drinks are on you then cheers!


I have £15 cash back from Morrisons to be paid at the end of may.Mine was 10% but only with Morrisons.


If you become a Co Op member you can combine the NUS discount with the 5% cashback on Co Op branded items. Membership costs £1. https://www.coop.co.uk/membership/member-benefits


I have looked not sainsbury's but I do have 5% for Co-op and waitrose on my account combined with student card and waitrose voucher through the post all helps. Thank op :)

Halifax Share Dealing reduced commission Wednesday 24th April 12:15 - 14:15
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Posted 20th Apr 2019Posted 20th Apr 2019
Halifax Share Dealing reduced commission Wednesday 24th April 12:15 - 14:15
Halifax Share Dealing - £3.95 dealing commission. Wednesday 24th April 12:15 - 14:15 TRADE FOR JUST £3.95 DEALING COMMISSION PER TRADE FOR A LIMITED PERIOD ON WEDNESDAY 24TH APRIL… Read more
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Degiro are £ 1.75 + 0.022% for UK trades and is an excellent execution platform in my experience.Also new broker free trade but have not tried them as yet

5% cashback at Emirates through Halifax Rewards
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Posted 6th Apr 2019Posted 6th Apr 2019
5% cashback at Emirates through Halifax Rewards
5% cashback with a maximum of £60. Valid until May 15. Probably account specific.

Thanks OP


And that can help you get Amazon gift cards at a 5% discount.


Very much account specific. My nearest offer was 5% at Morrisons (annoyed)

10% cashback on orders via just eat @ Halifax (Visa offer May be account specific)
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Posted 2nd Apr 2019Posted 2nd Apr 2019
10% cashback on orders via just eat @ Halifax (Visa offer May be account specific)
Spotted in my account. 10% cashback on orders via just eat. Maximum discount £30 Expires 8/4/19. You will have to activate offer in your account. This could be on top of 15% discou… Read more
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I've got this offer on my Halifax cashback but it's 5% not 10%.


a blood pressure monitor helps fight the takeaway cravings


Hopefully this will benefit someone. Sorry it's not you (ninja)


Halifax have selected a very few considering I order 2-3 times a week on Jist Eat, I'm not one of them.


Account specific....yawn!

Halifax Clarity Card - Free withdrawals
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Posted 12th Mar 2019Posted 12th Mar 2019
Halifax Clarity Card - Free withdrawals
Not everyone may be aware but with Halifax clarity they don’t charge for withdrawals abroad and charge good rates From what I’ve seen they’ve beaten both starling and fairfx Used … Read more
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Yes it's against their T&Cs but I do it anyway and nothing has happened so far.


Mine doesn't and if you look on the T&C for the card it prohibits you loading the card with credit. https://www.halifax.co.uk/creditcards/help-guidance/terms-and-conditions/clarity-card/ B7.3 Payment amount You must not pay us more than you owe when you make payments to your account,...


Even if you don’t pay the withdrawal off immediately, the interest rate is considerably low. 👌🏻


Go to rip off Mexico and you will get charged a packet for each withdraw be it USD or Mexican peso from an ATM. Best advice is to take currency with you. Plus as an added bonus, you get to pay a compulsory £50 per person in cash to leave Mexico, you don’t even get a receipt. corrupt, surely not!!


I do the same thing.

£500 cash back on mortgage for first time buyers with Halifax
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Posted 6th Mar 2019Posted 6th Mar 2019
£500 cash back on mortgage for first time buyers with Halifax
Mortgage offer with Halifax

This deal is not available! Please expire!


This is also on for remortgaging as well. MSE reckons they are my best option before two smaller banks/building societys I've never heard off.


Exactly this. We got ours with Halifax as even though the rate was slightly higher, they paid our stamp duty. Been with them ever since due to them now constantly offering the best rates.


Don't see this anywhere, how do you get it????


Are you sure they were whole of market advisors? I met my advisor through a personal recommendation, I've bought 4 houses in the last 10 years using his services. One national estate agent insisted we use their "independent" (I say this cynically) mortgage advisor, who conveniently has an office within the Estate Agency... this advisor could only find 5 mortgage products for us, as opposed to the tens and tens of products my advisor had access too, not surprisingly the decision in principle we already was a far superior financial product and the Estate Agent advisor admitted they had been a complete waste of our time and they "couldn't come close" to the deal we already had. Also, I have had mortgage appointments with my own bank, Lloyds (who also own Halifax) and the competitiveness of their products were abysmal. Lastly, if you find yourself a great whole of market mortgage/ financial advisor, they will speak to lenders and underwriters on your behalf to discuss anything that doesn't quite fit standard tick box online forms. This is my experience, I'm sure others have had different experiences to mine.