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Halifax Clarity Credit Card for Travellers - Zero Purchase & withdrawal Fees & Mastercard FX Rates
Found 11th OctFound 11th Oct
We're looking at going on holiday next month and were looking at some of the cheapest ways to pay while avoiding pricey foreign exchange costs. Halifax's Clarity credit card was t… Read more
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I think the amount due would be the amount outstanding when you’re billed. The amount shown on your credit card bill, which would obviously be less if you paid off some of the balance prior to receiving this. Usually you can then make a manual payment and the direct debit due would be adjusted accordingly, but they’ve just stopped this for some bizarre reason :/


it is the worst time to get this "deal", wait for the £20/30 cash back deal that halifax were offering on the card to come back.


Good card, good advise regarding paying off the same day as I have not paid any interest so far when taking cash abroad. Happy with the card


You were told correctly. Just pay it off immediately and all free


You are literally comparing a credit card to 2 bank accounts...

Halifax rewards - £7.50 cashback on your next Giffgaff payment of £15 or more
16/11/2018Expires on 16/11/2018Found 27th SepFound 27th Sep
Activate the offer of £7.50 cashback on your next payment to Giffgaff of £15 or more. Could mean half price mobile contract for the month. Spotted on the Halifax app under 'cashbac… Read more
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You need a current account to get cash back even if you use only the credit card.


Same here!


account specific


is it for the Halifax credit card. I have the app but never seen cashback. Where is it on the app?


Totally agree, while all the other banks are offering cashback that we could actually benefit from, Halifax seems to list the most random, obscure places, usually restaurants that aren't even local. Halifax are awful, poor cashback offers, decreased rewards, higher account fees and poor interest rates for savers

10% off at waitrose on Halifax Bank rewards - account specific
Found 9th SepFound 9th Sep
10% off at waitrose if you use your Halifax current account. Activate the reward on your app. As usual, it is account specific.

No, you need to activate the deal. And then when you make a purchase, Halifax will refund 10% back in to your account. This is a copy and paste from the Halifax site. Earn 10% Cashback on all your grocery purchases at Waitrose until 16/09/2018 - in store or online at waitrose.com(maximum total reward of £30). Offer excludes purchases online that aren't made through Waitrose Groceries. Plus with myWaitrose membership you'll also receive rewards and offers tailored just for you. Join for free at waitrose.com/mywaitrose (separate terms and conditions apply). Pay with your debit or credit card (unless the offer states you must pay by Direct Debit) to get the cashback.


I've just opened a rewards account and I'm new to the cashback. Do you have to have previously shopped in waitrose to get the cashback? ty

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Halifax 36 months 0% balance transfer credit card
Found 5th SepFound 5th Sep
Hey guys. I spotted this great balance transfer deal from Halifax. The Halifax 36 month balance transfer Mastercard credit card offers: 0% on balance transfers for 36 months … Read more
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hats the cheapest way to get 10k over 24 months ? I guess I would have a excellent credit record


any tcb


A great way to skip balance transfer fees is to get a Revolut, top up the Revolut from your new credit card and then transfer that to your old credit card. 🙏🏻


I suppose, I'm still new to it :) One card (31 months) is offsetting a 3 year ShareSave scheme. The low Santander limit spooked me a bit, as for obvious reasons, I'll need to hawk the balance off that card around the 30 month mark, for ~6 months. Couple of cards are just for day to day spending and get cleared off in full every month. The other two (Santander and previous x month offer supplier) are carrying the 0% balance from a previous share save that's sat in premium bonds. I may keep the other supplier's card open to give me wriggle room on the current sharesave but as above, it is a bit concerning if the option to BT somewhere else down the line isn't 100% guaranteed.


Pretty much. You'll no doubt be paying more on interest on your existing card than you are the balance. With balance transfer cards you are simply paying off the balance with no added interest for the length of the promotional period. There's obviously a small fee to transfer but it is as straightforward as you think (y)

£75 for switching to Halifax
Found 5th SepFound 5th Sep
The simple bank account that gives you £75 for switching to us Take advantage and get £75 paid within 7 working days when you switch your bank account to us using the Current… Read more
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Done this easy £75


Hi all, I'm new to the concept of switching current accounts (surely not the only one) and have just been reading up on the current account switch service. Am I correct in thinking that you guys are suggesting to simply create a new current account with your existing bank - even if you only put £10 in it - and then have Halifax do the switch on that new account to get the £75 reward? Surely that's too good to be true? There must be a drawback?? Like somebody above mentioned something about credit checks etc? Otherwise why wouldn't people simply hop from account to account continually?


If you want A £3 reward every month then you need that


I don’t know if it is, I saw it on MSE when I was ready to move it. I didn’t transfer it straight away as still have it. M&S want you to set-up an account with them first and then transfer it over so worth having a look and see if M&S still have the £125 gift card, if so take it out and in a month or so you can switch the account to M&S


is the m&s offer still current what did you do just transfer the £75 out straight away ?

Halifax Clarity - Free £20 back if you make a purchase by 30th Sept. No usage fees worldwide and can withdraw upto £500 a day
Found 24th AugFound 24th Aug
Ready for the bank holiday? Travel abroad with one simple rate & no usage fees. No fees for using your card anywhere worldwide (interest charges apply) No fees for withdraw… Read more

Cashback offer conditions Cashback offer valid on accounts opened between 30th April 2018 and 31st August 2018.The £20 cashback will only apply on the first transaction made in a foreign currency by 30th September 2018.The £20 cashback will be applied to your credit card retail balance within 90 days of the transaction being made and will appear on your statement as ‘Foreign purchase cashback’.The cashback offer is only valid on one transaction per customer.The cashback will not affect the minimum payment due. Your minimum payment should be paid on time each month.


Is this for new customers only? Please be clear OP


UK law says that payments need to be allocated to the highest interest rate first. However, Clarity has one rate of interest so it falls to the T&Cs which state that it will go to your cash balance first. That means you can pay off just your cash balance. However, if you prepay then the balance will be allocated on a FIFO basis as the transactions arrive so be careful.


This card is the best. It's not all that hard to get either. I got it on extended maternity leave about 4 and a half years ago now. I was a housewife back then so no actual income of my own. I had a huge limit to start as well 5k so it can't be that hard to get. It is all we use abroad.


Cool! If you got the barclay card you would get till the statement date to pay off atm withdrawals! However if you pay off straightaway via online banking then as you say you don't get charged. The Ethiopian birr is 35.35 and the mastercard rate is 35.32 so only .1% difference on the interbank rate. The visa rate is 35.14 making it .59% difference. As its the weekend revolut would be charging a 1% markup. Interesting that with more obscure currencies the difference between visa and mastercard is huge as its six times more. However as the markups ar so small to begin with in pound terms its nothing but interesting. Be interesting to see what the exchange is but I think its a closed currency so you cannot get it in the UK. Better to compare more open currencies but can't be bothered at the mo.

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Halifax Cashback Extras: 10% Cashback on Amazon Prime now
Found 21st AugFound 21st Aug
If you’re a Halifax Reward customer open the banking app and select Cashback Extras, you should see an offer for 10% cashback from your next purchase from Amazon Prime Now (assumin… Read more
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Too many restaurant offers for me.


Ah I see thanks very much, I never thought of getting top ups! I'll keep my eyes peeled for coop etc on my offers list thanks


Thanks OP


Does this appear under cash back extras? I've Just went into my account, and signed up for the first time. There is no active offers yet. :/


It's not exactly that. On selected Halifax reward accounts you can get shopping offers at certain retailers such as 10% cashback at co-op. You could buy anything at co-op and so long as you have applied the offer to your card then Halifax give you 10% back. To make the most of these offers you can use the paypoint machine to purchase digital topups. You could also buy physical gift cards or a combination of topups, gift cards and even groceries.

£50 sky TV cashback for new or returning customers @ Halifax rewards account
Found 6th AugFound 6th Aug
Get £50 cash back with Halifax rewards for reconnecting or new subscriber to sky tv.. Activated Sky TV £50 Expires 05 Oct 2018 Earn £50 Cashback when you join or recontract with… Read more
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It's going down to £2 in Octobe


Yeah you need to manually activate it online.


Does anyone what the sky definition of recontract is? Our annual contract is due to expire on 1/10/18, and I will renegotiate another year contract with them probably. I just need to know if they would class that as recontracting? When negotiating I would Change my direct debit to Halifax to comply with the terms of this offer. I just have a normal reward bank account and need to know if I have to register online or something please, as I don't do online banking with Halifax Thanks


The £3 will be actually £2 starting with next month.


Joined Halifax in march this year . Left my old bank after being with them for over 10 years and took a credit hit. Within 2 weeks halifax increase monthly fee by £2 and change mobile phone insurance excess from £30 to £100. I cancel that before increase and excess increase. Now i get letter saying the crappy £3 a month is dropping to £2. Will be leaving halifax very soon.

Time To Ditch Halifax - Better Rewards Elsewhere - Cutting Rewards Payments To £2 From October 1st @ Halifax (Do not offer referrals)
Found 3rd AugFound 3rd Aug
This is the second time in a year they've cut the reward Payment down, they were £5, then £3, now they've reduced them again to £2. I think now is the time to ditch, as a lot of o… Read more
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Oh yeah I meant lloyds lol


The reward account dropped to £3 a while now and will be dropping to £2 shortly


Just signed up to them, simply to buy from abroad. Although I applied two days ago and haven't heard a peep since.


Starling bank my friend fee free worldwide and pay some interest not much. I suppose it depends on how much ypu go abroa


I absolutely love Halifax & would recommend them to anyone. It’s annoying the reward has gone from £5 down to £2. The help to buy ISA has dropped from 5%, to 3.5% to 2.25%. I have the Ulimate Reward Account, recently cracked my iPhone screen and they want £100 excess towards the £145 cost of replacing (embarrassed)

Halifax Clarity Travel Credit Card - No usage fees worldwide and at the moment you get £20 cashback for making a foreign purchase. You can do this online!
Found 4th JunFound 4th Jun
Clarity Credit Card Ready for your next overseas holiday? Travel abroad with one simple rate & no usage fees. No fees for using your card anywhere worldwide (interest char… Read more

is there anyone received their £ 20 STATEMENT CREDIT????


Hi Does anyone know the daily withdrawal limit for the clarity card?


Any cash back on this besides 20 quid


Does anyone know a way of withdrawing cash in the USA without incurring a fee? There always seems to be an ATM fee. I never get charged a fee in Europe.


I've never paid a £2 cash machine fee through Curve. The 1% conversion only occurs if you don't change the currency in the Curve app. If I travel to Germany, I just change it to Euros and point it at my Tandem card. That way I can withdraw euros for no charge, and actually enjoy 0.5% cashback through Tandem.

10% off at Waitrose through Halifax
Found 26th MayFound 26th May
Not as good as the 15% at Morrisons but if you do shop at Waitrose, and have a Halifax current account, please check if this offer is available. Valid in store only for all purcha… Read more

From recent experience I can confirm that the 5% ( or 10% or 15 % .etc ) Halifax cashback extra offer that you have to click to activate to receive money back on your shopping spend in Waitrose is also applied ( only the once ) to any cashback you request at the checkout till. I request £50 cashback at the Waitrose till and then go straight to the next Halifax branch & pay the £50 straight back in..i think the phrase is called ' double bubble' !


My problem is I use apps and mobile versions of webpages that don't always show everything. Sorted now, thx


Can you buy something for £1 and ask for cashback at till of £50 ? So it show you spent £51 at Iceland??anyone tried this and if so did Halifax pay?


​No! The Times Sir!



15% cashback at Morrisons from Halifax Rewards
Found 8th MayFound 8th May
Yet another account specific offer. Valid for a single use until Jun 3 with a maximum reward of £15. Useless for me as there is no store around nor do they deliver to my post code.

I've done more or less that today. Half a dozen eggs for 95p and £50 cashback. Shows £50.95 sale.


Can you buy something for £1 and ask for cashback at till of £50 ? So it show you spent £51 at Iceland??anyone tried this and if so did Halifax pay?


Can confirm I got cashback on cashback at coop :D


10pc on mine dont even shop there.


Do Iceland offer cashback service at their tills , anyone know ? I have a 10% off Iceland as well atm

10% cashback at Co Op through Halifax Rewards
Found 4th MayFound 4th May
Amongst the many restaurant offers currently available in the Halifax app, I saw this one from Co Op. 10% cashback up to a maximum reward of £30. Valid for a single use until May 2… Read more

Sadly not for me. I only seem to get useless rewards for places I'm never going to shop at.


Does co op do cashback?


Just go and buy the cheapest thing and get as much cashback instore as you can, I think max £50 cashback. Then just put the £50 back in the bank and you get a free £5. Voila bit of hassle for a fiver I know but if you are willing to do it it's free money.


5% on mine and I only ever use it when these offers are on.


Not on mine but it has reminded me to activate the new ones.

Halifax Clarity Travel Credit Card - £20 Halifax Cashback + Fee free card for spending abroad
Found 1st MayFound 1st May
The Halifax Clarity travel credit card has been around for a while so you may already have it but Halifax have just added a £20 cashback promotion on the first transaction made in … Read more
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Its handy to have but the exchange rate is pretty poor 0.882635 GBP.


you only get 200 euros free per month though reading with the standard account.


Simple solution to this to exchange your currency in advance of the weekend then you don't pay a surcharge, anything you dont spend just withdraw it after the weekend is over. At the weekend, major currency has a 0.5% surcharge to buy ie dollar pound and euro. Everything else 1.5%. If thats too much effort it's probably easier to get a card with higher exchange rates and don't worry about cheaper rates. For comparison right now on revolut 1GBP buys you : 1.3574 usd or 1.1322 euro https://blog.revolut.com/what-is-the-interbank-exchange-rate/


Not sure about that. Even on their own forums, there are people complaining about poor excahnge rates on the weekend etc. Link


See youtellme90 and the responses further down about half way through the page https://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=5640378

Halifax KIDS' MONTHLY Saver interest rate of 4.5% (save from £10 to £100 a month by standing order) @ Halifax
Found 25th AprFound 25th Apr
Was looking for a savings account for my two children just for a short period, and came across this, 4.5% for a regular savings account is excellent. I don't know ow much about in… Read more

Yes, it can be moved to parents account.


Upon maturity, can the money be moved into the parents account?


Can you transfer in a CTF?


Maths is a bit off, 5% interest is per year not per month and you cannot pay in £8k per month unless you also withdraw most of it each month. Also you can't get the 5% interest rate (on the current account) if you've ever held a FlexDirect account before I don't know about "plenty of other examples" but here are the ones I know of which pay 5%: First direct 5% regular saver but must have First Direct current account and pay in £1k per month M&S 5% regular saver but must have current account Santander 5% regular saver but unless you can make good use of the current account the fee makes it not worthwhile HSBC 5% regular saver but must have current account and pay in £1750 per month.


Yep. For example Nationwide. No DD requirement just pay in 1k a month. I've got one in both mine my partners and a joint account. That allows 7.5k at 5 pcent a month. Also unlocks 2 X regular savers max of 250 each So that's up to 8k a month. Plenty of other examples.

10% cashback at various restaurants - Halifax banking app
Found 8th AprFound 8th Apr
10% back on your next purchase at various restaurants - Five Guys, Byron, Harvester, Miller & Carter, Hungry Horse and Prezzo (8% at Prezzo). Saw this in the Halifax app under … Read more

0 offers on mine


Different offers for every customer not even one will get the ones listed


Nothing new.


So true


All they ever do is offer restaurants and retail outlets you never go to or have heard of or that are even geographically close. Halifax cashback is worst of all the banks to be honest

Halifax/Giff Gaff 2 x £5 cashback on £10 top ups
LocalLocalFound 15th MarFound 15th Mar
Upto £10 back on £20 of top ups! Bonza mate (y)

Did giffgaff fix their data speeds yet? The only reason I have ever never moved over permanently is I could never get more than 1mb on 4g.


Not been like that for long, but not holding my breath for a giffgaff pay cut! O2 might still be charging GG more than their current prices to use the network. Was going to try and get my family to change to O2 but they like the free GG to GG calls and texts for 3 months.


Very nice! I'm on the £10/month giffgaff, but sadly not banking with halifax


Dammit, I posted it as a heads-up on the GiffGaff Community as well when I saw this thread (embarrassed)


Not seeing it either, it must be a very select few who were offered this...

Halifax 26 month 0% Balance Transfer Card offers
Found 7th MarFound 7th Mar
0% interest for 26 months from account opening on balance transfers made in the first 90 days. Minimum £100 balance transfer. Representative rate of 19.9% APR (variable). 0% fee a… Read more
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@swans79wd if you have a good credit score go with clarity. Just remember that if you withdraw cash abroad transfer GBP to your credit card account the same day. Revolut is a decent product but lots of little hidden charges and restrictions. On top of that when you are abroad S75 protection is very useful...


Hey guys, when I click on the link it takes me to the halifax website but then I click on apply and it goes to a blank page. Anyone else getting the same issue?


This is why this site can be so inaccurate. You’re voting cold because you don’t trust yourself with managing money. Other people can manage their financial affairs in credit and would be grateful of knowing about a card such as this.


For my car, yes. For the house I was fortunate enough to be given it (yes I know I'm lucky and I am grateful). I'm sure you know I'm not talking about a mortgage as its a must for most. I'm simply on about a credit card (that doesn't secure you a mortgage) that in the wrong hands can cause havoc with people's lives. I know it's their own fault for being stupid but why give them the chance.


i take it you paid cash for your home and car?

Halifax Reward Account Supermarket Cashback
LocalLocalFound 20th FebFound 20th Feb
So this is not something new etc but i thought that some of you might not be aware that you can claim cashback on your purchases even in supermarkets like MORRISONS (now 15%) or WA… Read more
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Does it include online shopping?


Does anyone know if the spar do cashback at the till? Haven't got any of the big stores on mine , but have a spar close by


Unsure if it works on petrol. Think t&C's state no petrol station purchases usually. However... I believe that petrol stations accept Morrison's paper vouchers available in-store! As do the tills next week/month if you can afford to buy in bulk and it's your usual haunt!


Been using it for the relevant shops for a while now, just checked and I've activated Morrison's where I shop quite regularly but for me it was just 5%. 15% would have been great assuming I could use it for petrol purchase.


Only 5% for me....never usually shop ar Morrison’s but think I will pop in! Thanks OP.