Halloween - All pumpkins £1 at Asda

Halloween - All pumpkins £1 at Asda

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Went into Asda and they are selling all pumpkins for £1, all sizes. They were in a big tub by the entrance, and there were loads of big ones.


hot! loads of really big ones today too.

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Thanks for the pic whoever put tht on:D

ASDA Carving Pumpkins £1, ASDA Small Pumpkins 87p.

heat added thanks

Saw these today then went to Sainsbury's where they were selling them for £3 and much smaller.

i got 4...they are much bigger than the tesco ones (which are 2 for £3)

They are big enough to ge a face on

Didn't have many left in Asda LE at 5pm. Only some dodgy looking ones. Hopefully they'll get more tomorrow. Are these grown a special way - ie, they're marked as carving pumpkins, but can you eat the flesh?

wouldn't be Halloween without a jack-o-lantern AND some pumpkin pie.

Don't bother going to Asda in pudsey leeds they were seriously rubbish !! some had even gone soft and mushy and stank!!
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