Halloween bargains@Morrisons (instore GOOLE). Full outfits for £1.50

Halloween bargains@Morrisons (instore GOOLE). Full outfits for £1.50

LocalFound 5th Nov 2016
Snapped up a couple of outfits for the kids next Halloween for £1.50 (were £10.00 and £8.00).They had a few left and assume will be nationwide.
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Were the prices marked on the products?
Didn't see any reduced to £1.50 in the Reddish store but they had a child's devil dress reduced £5 and a child's witches dress that makes sounds reduced to £3 from £10. All yellow stickered
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They had yellow stickers on. The cat girl one didn't have a sticker but till lady said they were all reduced to £1.50. Sounds like I got lucky at Goole store
Heat added. I'll have a look at local Morrisons later today. Son can't go as a pumpkin again!
Ha ha my son is exactly the same - won't give up his pumpkin costume!
The witches outfit was down to 75p in Melton yesterday evening around 6pm. Had three left on the reduced shelf end, opposite the fresh pasties.
And I thought the M&S outfits were cheap. Heat added. It's definitely worth checking !
Definitely store specific as the ones in ours were only down to £5 or £3 at best. But still bought a couple
Our store was all reduced to £1
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