Halloween costumes £2 @ Sainsbury's

Halloween costumes £2 @ Sainsbury's

Found 1st Nov 2016
All Halloween costumes in my local store and I'm assuming most others have costumes reduced to £2 from £14. They reduced from half price to £2 within the time I was there 15.00 today 1/11. I buy for next year because it's a fraction of the cost !

Still available in some stores
- bartlnt


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There was also lots of reduced sweets, chocolate, cakes and decorations.

not reduced in mine, not marked up.
and Halloween items only half price

pumpkin for 5p on Tesco too

I brought 2 outfits this morning at 8 and they were only half price.. x

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I bought an outfit for half price, forgot something so went back about half hour later and they'd been reduced again so refunded and bought again !

which sainsbury please?

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St Annes on sea

Half price in mine

half price at mine

Half price at mine still, annoying as this time last year they were at 70% by now.

If they did this one I'd bite...


Half price at mine too in norwich

Yes only half price at ours too

£2 in mine
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