Halloween Horror DVDS All £1 @ Poundland

Halloween Horror DVDS All £1 @ Poundland

Found 2nd Oct 2012
Some good Halloween horror movies in pound stores all £1

Donnie Darko
Bride of Chucky/Child's Play 4
Shadow of the Vampire
Reeker 2
Alone with Her
The Mummy
One-Eyed Monster
Apocalypse of the Dead
The Legend of Lucy Keyes
The Meat Grinder
Death Tube
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Watch out for that DVD one the stars is renowned for HIS one eyed monster.
Donnie Darko is the pick of that bunch. Hot!

Donnie Darko is the pick of that bunch. Hot!

How can that be the pick of the bunch when "One eyed monster" is on there? X)
I watched One Eyed Monster on Horror channel, ha ha what a dodgy film

Bride of Chucky is ok, worth a quid anyway. Much better than Seed of Chucky.
Well spotted OP. Hot.
"Shadow of the Vampire" is a fantastic film.
Heat for Donnie Darko and Shadow of the Vampire.
I thought One Eyed Monster was the funniest film of the bunch! Apocalypse of the Dead was so bad, I switched it off after 5 minutes...

Donnie Darko should be the Directors Cut (shown on the top of the display box), not the standard edit...
Got Children of the Corn for £1 last year. Tempted to get Chucky to hype me up over the new film coming out FSM knows when. What the Hell is DeathTube?
I bought a few the other day. Haven't watched them yet. I think 'One eyed monster' could be the funniest horror film ever. Ron Jeremy is filming an adult movie, then suddenly aliens possess a famous 'part' of him. It then detaches itself and goes on a killing spree! Check ouf the trailer on youtube
little ern


I got half way and stopped as I think I was coming to a spoiler. Might buy it next time I need a cold can of pop for 39p
With a title like 'One Eyed Monster', I can only expect monotonous cliche's. Shadow of the Vampire is a steel though! Great find OP
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