Halloween outfits 50p wilko instore

Halloween outfits 50p wilko instore

Found 4th Nov 2016Made hot 4th Nov 2016
Hundreds in crates all 50p each

Some originally £12
Found in portsmouth store


any sweets on offer

All Halloween stuff reduced to 5p in Wilkos Bexleyheath

Reduced to 10p in redditch but only buckets left

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any sweets on offer

Didn't see any sweets

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All Halloween stuff reduced to 5p in Wilkos Bexleyheath

Accessories were 5p - buckets and face paint
Bigger items 20p
Outfits 50p

Anyone been to the milton keynes one?

Great idea but WATCH OUT we bought loads of stuff for next year along with a lot of other stuff, as we finished my wife looked at the bill and found they had charged full price for all the halloween stuff. It took ages to put it all back through the till and get the right prices, the manager came and did it all, then she went on with what she was doing and didn't do anything about the prices on the tills. How many people were ripped off that day, you get home then find out they have overcharged you but it's too much hassle to go back. I count that as outright theft.

This is ridiculous. Its way too early to start selling Halloween stuff.

Anyone know if there is anything in Sheffield area?
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