HALO 2 PC Game £2.49
HALO 2 PC Game £2.49

HALO 2 PC Game £2.49

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Just been in Toys R us and they have quite a few games on sale for PC gamers like myself.

I picked up HALO 2 for £2.49 - now that's good.

Other games included Pro Evolution Soccer for £4.99 and Age of Empires 3 for £2.49. All limited stock but may be worth a visit - good stocking filler if you are thinking about Xmas already (hey I've got 3 kids and the crunch has hit my credit already so any deal will do!!).

Only instore so please don't vote cold just because you don't shop instore or don't play PC games.


I'm voting cold because I don't like the letter "H". (Well you didn't cover that one.)

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:thinking: DER!!! :santa: anyway here's santa to cheer you up

why didn't you buy me one agent_f ? And "specifics bob " which store! You are probably a motorway agent that travels the country doing miles and miles of bargain hunting.

Not voting cold but IIRC in a cunning bit of bullet/ foot marketing, MS decided to make Halo2 Vista only, which may limit its appeal... (though a quick Google suggets that this has been cracked to various degrees)

Nothing in Lincoln Branch, They have Kane and Lynch and Frontlines: Fuel Of War for £4.99 Each though. If anyone fancies picking me up Vista if they see a copy I would love them forever

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You get a mobile bro and I'll call next time I see something I think you may be interested in. Point taken about location etc, but when you're supposed to be working from home it's a dead give away to be spending ages submitting. Anyway I'll do it properly next time!
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