Halo 3 reduced again. Now £12.48 with free recorded delivery from SHOPTO.NET
Halo 3  reduced again. Now £12.48 with free recorded delivery from SHOPTO.NET

Halo 3 reduced again. Now £12.48 with free recorded delivery from SHOPTO.NET

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Halo 3 reduced again.

Now £13.00 with free recorded delivery from SHOPTO.NET, take off Quidco's 4% and it's even lower at £12.48.

An excellant game for not much money.



cant beat abit of halo 3


cant beat abit of halo 3



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Even in these post-GTA4 days I still see over 100,000 people online at any time of the day. 7 days a week.

Still the main reason to play online, imo.

I was lucky enough to get Halo 3 for under £9 before xmas (was a mis-price listed on HUKD - supplier was decent enough to honour the price though). I think this is the next best price I've seen. Good game too. Hot.

Great game ordered a while back from ebuyer. Excellent 1 player story and awesome multi player on live if a little infuriating at times !


When did shopto get quidco??? Damn it ive ordered **** loads from them in the past, talking hundreds here!

Looks like its out of stock at present but it is allowing to pre-oreder for when more stock available...!

Good find.

Great deal!

Excellent price for a top game that I've been playing online religiously every Friday night with a few mates and a few beers! (Highly recommended for a good laugh!)

However, I haven't voted hot or cold as I tried to order £70 worth of games from shopto.net a couple of days ago and found that unless I actually used a credit card to order, (as opposed to paying with MY money via my LloydsTSB debit card), shopto.net won't accept your business.

Something to do with the card being used needing to be 3D Authenticated, (which I later found out is also known as 'verified by Visa'). Needless to say, when I phoned LloydsTSB's call centre to ask about this security measure, they had no idea what on earth I was on about.

Whether this is the case with just LloydsTSB cards or is the same for other banks I don't know, but as a post script, I contacted shopto.net by email to express my disappointment with this practice and have not yet received a reply, despite being told words to the effect that 'thanks for your email, we'll get back to you within 14 hours'.

A great game though, and well worth getting at this price, so long as you're happy being forced to buy it on credit from shopto.net.

Great price. But there can't be too many 360 owners who don't already have this can there ?

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I bought my Xbox 360 within a month of it being released, but only recently bought my copy of Halo 3.

It proves waiting pays for itself. Other examples of recent purchases are:

Halo £15
Lost Odyssey £20
GTA4 £30
Gears of War £14
Bioshock £13

and a couple of those ain't even that old.
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