Halo 5: Guardians (used) £8.42 delivered using codes @ Music Magpie

Halo 5: Guardians (used) £8.42 delivered using codes @ Music Magpie

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Cheapest I've ever seen it.

Halo is back, making its new-generation debut and really giving the Xbox One a run for its money in Halo 5: Guardians.

After a lifetime of war and (SPOILERS) the loss of someone close to him, Master Chief is suffering. He's fighting on, but he's a haunted warrior. New and greater enemies threaten humanity's position in the universe, but visions are distracting him from his mission and drawing him towards a distant world...

It's not just about the Chief, however. Spartan Locke has been dispatched to track down our errant hero. As a more advanced Spartan IV he has the technical edge over the Chief, but the chances of the longstanding series protagonist going down easily are slim indeed.

The game makes use of the Xbox One's powerful hardware to provide epic, richly-detailed visuals, and seeing how the series looks on the new generation hardware will surely be a high-point for long time fans.

The big addition arguably comes in the game's multiplayer, however. Warzone is a new, massive-scale multiplayer mode that supports up to 24 players, along with friendly and enemy AI constantly dropping in and out to keep mixing things up. For Halo purists there's also Arena mode, which represents the series' pure, skill-based four-on-four combat.

Throw in four-player co-op throughout the campaign and there's plenty here to get Halo fans excited!


cheers op

Xbox - Zombie Army Trilogy £11.06, cheers

Good price if you like a lazy shooter.. Came highly recommended to me, I paid a 10er for the special edition from game which it just about worth as I thought the game was terrible! to be fare I'd already played doom so it had no chance of impressing me by that point.. Heat anyway as there is £8 of game for definite

They buy this game for 30p, I scanned my barcode a couple weeks back!


Just bought one
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