Halo - Legends (2 Disc Edition) [DVD] [2010] £5 @ Amazon

Halo - Legends (2 Disc Edition) [DVD] [2010] £5 @ Amazon

Found 23rd Feb 2011
It already dominates the world of gaming, and so it was perhaps inevitable that the Halo franchise would one day launch an assault on other media. And while talk of a full Halo movie remains tempered, there’s nonetheless this series of seven animated tales in the shape of Halo Legends.

The seven stories are all set against the backdrop of the Halo universe, and range in length from 10 to 20 minutes. Each was commissioned from a renowned maker of Anime, and the collection does vary quite a lot in style as a result. That’s not a bad thing, though, as while the quality is also a little inconsistent, you’re never very far from something really quite interesting.

The films that form Halo Legends originally debuted on the Xbox Live video service, but they appear to have found a more natural home on disc. They weave themselves with some style into the background narrative of the games, and while they’re clearly aimed more at the hardened, enthusiast game, even the casual viewer may find themselves pleasantly surprised. Something a little different, and all the better for it… --Jon Foster
Follow the fight for humanity in this seven-episode series of sci-fi shorts inspired by the hit video game series, and produced by some of the hottest talent in contemporary anime. Each episode details the fight to protect planet Earth and the human space colonies from a race of malevolent aliens. Featured directors include Koji Sawai (PATLABOR), Shinji Aramaki (APPLESEED), Daisuke Nishio (DRAGONBALL Z), and Mamoru Oshii (GHOST IN THE SHELL).

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Great price but having bought this on blu I can say they are not that good.
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