Halo Living - All Orders Free Delivery!  Some Great Items in Spring Clearance

Halo Living - All Orders Free Delivery! Some Great Items in Spring Clearance

Found 19th Mar 2008
I've just received an email from Halo Living to announce all orders are delivered free now. I don't know if this is a permanent thing, it doesn't say.

I realise this might not appeal to everyone, but they have a few really lovely items if you click on Spring Clearance.

The Valerie beaded cushion, reduced from £30 to £7.50 is gorgeous, cushion and lovely cover included in the price

360 concentric bed cover is great, at £25 reduced from £100. At 100 x 100 INCHES, its huge and would make a great couch throw or for any size of bed.

The "All About Me" nightwear set is a lovely item for £10, if its your size.

There are I believe some other lovely things there in the sale, including some pretty voile panels, a really nice baby toiletries set for a gift, and other cushions.

Hope someone finds some nice things!


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Just been to the website - Can't find any Assualt Rifles or Plasma Grenades??

Me neither, I was hoping to get some new spartan armour after my last suit shrunk in the wash :-(

Its Halo for girls! Instead of guns and heavy assault weapons, they get to choose their own cushions and bedroom setting and commence the Pillow Fight!
That would make a good game come to think about it.

sale prices just seem like what i would expect to pay for whats there........maybe in just a cheapskate!
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