Halo: Online Beta Sign Up (Russian)

Halo: Online Beta Sign Up (Russian)

Found 27th Mar 2015
EDIT: Pasted from IGN article ''Create an account that will send a verification to your email (prolly end up in spam because its from Russia) and apply for the beta, it's on the top right of the page.'' Special thanks to Mudgattor for bringing this to my attention

Worth a shot I guess. I'm assuming the majority of users use a VPN anyway? Just really amped to give this a shot if I'm picked, hopefully you guys will too.

So yeah this was announced about 2 days ago for anyone that didn't know. Try using Google Translate for the language barrier or whatever browser translation works best for you
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Hello everyone. You DON'T HAVE to do this but I thought just to make life easier for some people. When you translate the page, then click on the top right to apply, sign up via your Facebook (if you have one) account then there should be an option to pick which country your based in. I actually chose Russia then completed the sign up. Then I guess its just a case of waiting for that confirmation e-mail and beta code hopefully
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