Halo: Reach £20.00 + £3.95 Delivery @ Very.co.uk (With code) +8% cashback

Halo: Reach £20.00 + £3.95 Delivery @ Very.co.uk (With code) +8% cashback

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Found 16th Aug 2010
It's one of those deals that requires a voucher to get a good deal.
New Very customers can use voucher code ZZ018 to get £20 off minimum spend of £40.

Just tried it myself and got this:
So it's open to first orders only with very.co.uk you don't need to open a credit account and can pay by credit/debit card.

I'm unsure on whether they deliver for release date etc.

I know some people won't use these codes as they've had problems with these companies before, but if you're looking to save money and have never dealt with very before, it's worth it.

I think this can be used with FIFA 11 etc. but I haven't tried it.
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Doesn't really matter what price you get anything at using Very/Littlewoods in here, it will be voted cold. These companies really are loathed on this forum!

For what it is worth I am suggesting this to some of my mates who want Halo Reach cheaply and have not used very.co.uk before, sadly I have. So it was useful to me!
Voted hot, I have used many of these code with littlewoods/very/marshall ward/empire and have saved loads including last year a 15" trampoline with net for under £50 so I don't have a problem with them, but I :Dknow some people do.

If no one lists them then someone who has never used these codes could miss out so I say keep posting!!
You could go through and make a deal against each item in the catalog and refer to that code - the code is teh deal and has already been posted - it does not need digging out for every game.

As has already been posted - just go careful if you use this as Very are part of Littlewoods who have been known to take the £15 back off of you some months later.
Got to the checkout and used the code, Asks you to ring a number to see if you're eligible, spoke to the guy on the phone, He said you can't use this code if you're paying by debt/credit card and that you have to "Apply for an account" with them, which sounds to me like a store credit card or something else,

Hot if you can use it! I couldn't though : (
argghhh, how do I go about deleting an account with them? I thought it was just an online shop didn't want to sign up to any credit shopping.
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