Halo Reach £25.00? Morrisons
Halo Reach £25.00? Morrisons

Halo Reach £25.00? Morrisons

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I have a Friend who is the Manager of the entertainment department at Morrisons and he as had a email saying that Halo Reach is going to be on offer but they are NOT telling anybody the price until the Morning of release (14/9/10).
Looks like this will be advertised in the national press (Full page) Tues morning.
Hes told me last time they did this was for Call Of Duty:Modern Warfare 2 and it was £25.00!!


If it was going for that price I would be tempted to buy it, play it then sell it on for a profit. Or trade it into GAME

if this turns out to be true,which i think it could be then this is gonna get really hot in here. let the supermarket pricing wars begin. yeehaa

just watched the IGN video review for this. Looks pretty good.

possibly an interesting heads up,but cant be posted in deals until a price is CONFIRMED-grateful to you op for the info but you cant post a price of 25 quid based on another game they sold at another time and ask people to vote on a "maybe"

thats not how this site works-you can only post confirmed,definite prices in deals-this thread belongs in misc.


This thread has been member expired. Once the offer has been confirmed (scanned advert, copy receipt etc) please report this thread and we can unexpire if appropriate.

If it is about £30 at ASDA I'll just pick it up there at Midnight, if its say £35 or more I'll try Morrisons on Tuesday morning


I would say it's true, did exactly the same with cod mw2.

em looking at a paper and has a big advert that says £34.99 for morrisons

Petercoleson, what paper is the advert in?

Fingers crossed this will be the price.

Went into Morrisons and asked them to scan it for me. They had it coming up at £34.99.
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